Sharpen Your Math Skills - Math Camp '23

Math is more than just numbers and computation. This camp is designed to spark interest in any student. Campers will engage in fascinating games that will reinforce mathematical concepts, thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities. We will explore math concepts through art, architecture, and design. We will focus on Algebra using the Problem Solving Formula. $100 per camper.

Video coming soon!!

There are two levels (you can join both)
Level 1 - Beginning Algebra: review multiplication, learn how to use an abacus, negative numbers, variables, exponents, etc.
Level 2 - Intermediate Algebra: review variables, solve number equations using PEMDAS, 5 Step Method to Problem Solving, and beyond.

True Education is Knowing Your Role in God's Plan.

When was the last time you were motivated to change

because  of  a spiritual experience?

We call this a faith transformation. Where are you in your faith transformation process,
and what's your next step? Find out by taking the quiz.






Happy learners

Our Mission

We seek to restore and preserve a gospel culture of learning patterned after the temple of our Lord. This righteous culture helps us all become dedicated seekers of His truth, *keepers of His temple, and teachers of His peace.

* "keep" in the Hebrew means to protect.

The Quiz is For:

Self Educators

Education should be infused with Christ and his Gospel. If you agree, you've come to the right place. 

Christian Families

Called to Learn provides endless resources to educate your family with a Christ-centered focus.  

Parents Seeking Guidance 

There isn't a manual for parenting, and we don't pretend to have one. We do have  resources that teach principles of proper parenting. 

Educators of Children

Here at Called to Learn, we provide many spiritually academic and principle based courses to assist you in teaching.


We're Thom and Tresta Neil

For over 20 years, we have been heavily invested in Christ-centered education for our own children. Since 2012, we have directed several Homeschool Conferences  and  have been inspiring other parents to educate their own children and friends. Together, we have produced over 100 online courses, events, articles, and resources for families. Today, we seek to inspire countless parents, students, and educators to come closer to Christ through education and the Faith Transformation Process.

Called To Learn Founders

The Faith Transformational Process


Seek His Truth
  • We turn towards God with a desire to find truth and become better than we are now.
  • We accept the invitation to follow Christ, are willing to do what He asks, and desire to be like Him. 


Keep His Temple
  • While on His path, we want to preserve it, take care of it, and learn as much as we can along the way.
  • We find and discover new connections to heaven.
  •  We discover how the Spirit of the Lord speaks to and teaches us.
  • We dedicate our lives to helping Him fulfill His mission.


Teach His Peace
  • The beauty and the experiences along the journey excite us with the desire to invite others.
  • We desire to have others experience His peace even during life's storms.
  • We invite others to feel included, share in all the fruits of the spirit, and find joy.


Gospel Theory Podcast

Confused about what is fact and myth inside the Church of Jesus Christ? Do you want to fully understand the doctrines, principles, and applications of the Gospel? If so, we think you might like this podcast. 

Listen now and discover Christ amidst all the rumors, myths, and incorrect definitions. 

Called To Learn Blog

Rich with Gospel and educational topics and interlaced with critical thinking, the Called to Learn blog is a must for anyone wanting to dive deeper into scripture and take studying to a whole new level. 

Read now and find fascinating gospel articles. 

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Discover Christ-centered educational materials that are great for personal or homeschool study. Find dozens of different books and courses on a variety of different Gospel and academic topics. 

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Complete Courses

Explore the free courses on Called to Learn. These courses offer a small taste of topics that you won't want to miss out on. Learn more about math and science in a whole new way. 

Watch now and learn a lot. 

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Our online community forum is finally here! Join now and discover what students of called to learn are saying. Talk to people who think more like you do. Trust us, you'll learn more about the gospel in this amazing community than you will on Facebook. 

Lark Galley

Life Coach

Tresta’s course on the OT Tabernacle was amazing! I learned many new concepts about the law of Moses that helped me understand how Jesus fulfilled it. As a Gospel Doctrine teacher I was able to share these ideas with my class which my students greatly enjoyed. One of the best investments of my time and money.

Melanie Ballard

Homeschool Mom

The Path of the Stone Tables [Course] was wonderful!  I was very interested in the course for myself, but I wanted my children to learn from it as well.  Because of scheduling, we watched the recordings, but that made it really convenient for my family.  2-3 times a week I would pull out some hand work, (coloring, stringing Cheerios on yarn, building with toothpicks and squares of cheese etc) and then turn on the classes for 30 min-1 hr.  I had several children not interested to start the class, but by the end they were all glad.  One of my daughters said "I loved this!  Lets start over and watch it all again!"  I'm sure we will, because there was so much valuable information to digest.  I love learning from Tresta!  She has an immense base of knowledge and a vision and purpose that makes my heart sing.

Sharee Jones


Tresta truly celebrates the smallest triumphs and teaches you how to accept and rejoice in the blessings you receive. I recommend Tresta to anyone. She understands LDS doctrine, she does not over-proclaim or step beyond boundaries, she points you toward the scriptures, church leaders, apostles, prophets. She simply teaches how to seek and how recognize when you have received. I owe a great deal of thanks to her! 

Our Story

When it came to my child's education, I thought I had it under control. My oldest two sons were struggling in school. I thought they were in good schools, but something was missing.  You see, we homeschooled them all of their lives, but when my seventh child was born, he had some devastating health issues that forced us to put them into school. At first I noticed they seemed to like it and had decent grades, but I quickly noticed that my young boys were struggling spiritually. 

My husband, Thom, and I thought, as most parents do, that putting our children in a quality school would be a better option. As it turns out, it was not.  This school did not teach what they advertised or promised to teach them (self-reliance, entrepreneurship, patriotism, etc.) My young teenagers were unmotivated, frustrated, unfulfilled, confused about America, evolution, and spirituality.

After returning from the hospital I discovered that I would have to reteach and re-motivate them back into a love for their God, their country, and true, invigorating, God-centered education again. My children were being taught academics without the morals and values to support it and not to my standards. Other parents expressed the same concern. Thus, Keystone Education ( was born. 

Later changed to Called to Learn, Keystone Education was one of the first LDS homeschool online resources to help put the gospel back into the academic learning and not use a curriculum sprinkled with scripture and false doctrine. Today, we seek to help not just homeschoolers but all families who want to restore the responsibility of teaching true education back to the families.

  • The Spirit is the true teacher. Learn how to hear him. 
  •  Learn to apply every topic to its source; God and His plan. 
  • Retain information by linking it to the Plan of Happiness.  
  • As modern Israelites, we are like the Levites, keepers of the temple. Learn what this includes. 
  • Become so excited about what you're learning that you automatically want to share it. 

Discover where You are in the Faith Transformation Process

You may be confused on what your Heavenly Father wants you to do. Listening to the spirit isn't always easy.  Let us help you get started. Take the quiz and discover where you are in your faith journey and explore options for your next steps.  

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