Pattern of Learning in the Scriptures

The scriptures provide us a great pattern for teaching and learning. In 1 Nephi 11 we find both. In this blog I will be focusing on the learning portion, what Nephi experiences because of the pattern.

1 – Want to learn

Nephi desires to see and understand his fathers dream. He responds (acts) on his curiosity by praying, believing the the Lord would make them known unto him and he pondered. (1 Nephi 11:1)

2 – Receive knowledge

Nephi remembers that God is the correct (in this case the only) source to turn to to receive this answer. He is taken away by a spirit and an angel asks, “believest thou that thy father saw the tree?” Nephi answers affirmatively and the spirit responds with, “…thou shalt behold…”(1 Nephi 11:2-4)

3 – Apply knowledge

Nephi is shown an exceedingly beautiful white tree. The Angel asks Nephi what he wants and he asks for the interpretation. The angel says, “look” and he looked. He related to the symbol, asked more questions and took action. (1 Nephi 11:8-11)

4 – Receive understanding


He was shown the virgin Mary bearing the Christ child in her arms. He recognized the principle and is able to answer the angel when he asked, “knowest thou the meaning of the tree?” he responded with, “yea, it is the love of God, …the most desirable above all things.” (1 Nephi 11:12-23)

The pattern of receiving knowledge, applying it and receiving understanding repeats several times. Then the spiral continues as he learns about the interpretation of each of the symbols found in the dream.

5 – Shares understanding

Nephi returns to the tent of his father and, after he receives strength, he speaks to his brothers. (1 Nephi 15:6) They ask, “what meanth this thing which our father saw in a dream? What meanth the tree which he saw?” Nephi then retained his knowledge and understanding by teaching them about the tree of life. (1 Nephi 15:21-22)

6 – Receive wisdom

 Nephi saw and bore record (1 Nephi 11:36) and he bore his testimony to his brothers. After he exhorts his brothers “with all diligence, they did humble themselves before the Lord and he had joy and great hopes for them.” (1 Nephi 16:5) He then states that he, “had been blessed of the Lord exceedingly.” (1 Nephi 16:8)

Throughout Nephi’s life he continued to review and reflect on the experience, he recorded it and taught it to his children. He relied on the revelation given to him.

This act and receive pattern of “Learn – Knowledge – Apply – Understanding – Share – Wisdom” all with revelation and while reflecting and recording is found in many places in the scriptures. Take a look at Ammon, Enos and Alma the Younger. When you know the pattern you can recognize it in many different instances.

Micro Journaling

When you hear the word “Journaling” what emotions come up? If you are like me it was disgust and often guilt. I could hardly get in scripture reading in each day let alone writing. My mother would spend hours a week writing in her journal and that just didn’t fit into my schedule with eight children demanding my time. I recently discovered micro journaling and I LOVE it! It doesn’t take more time at all! I currently have seven micro journals – PLEASE don’t loose me now – start out with ONE!!!

Here are some ideas for micro journals. Choose ONE and add more when you choose.

  • what deliberate act(s) of kindness was done to me today
  • what we did in homeschool today (or yesterday)
  • what was my intake of water and/or food
  • what did I learn new today
  • what did my children say that was worth remembering
  • what insight did I gain from my scripture study
  • what service did I perform for my husband (family/neighbors)
  • how did I work on my long term goals today
  • how did I overcome a weakness today
  • how did I build connection before correction today
  • what did I discover new about myself

Choose one of these journals or choose one of these questions to answer each day. You can add new micro journals or bullet point things in one journal. However you decide to do it the rewards of keeping record are innumerable and the guilt will go away!

My favorite micro journal at this time is my homeschooling journal. I LOVE going back and seeing the things we have learned and the discussions we’ve had. Micro-journaling has not only brought me less guilt but a whole lot more confidence! 🙂

What micro journal did you choose to start?


Joy List

Want a way to bring joy immediately to your life? Create a Joy List!

A Joy List is a list of things you enjoy doing, things that make you happy or puts a smile on your face. Having a list you can turn to at a moments notice is very helpful when you are feeling down or can feel yourself slipping into a slum or building up within or when you want to yell at your children. Look at the list (or have a few items memorized) and go and do one of them immediately. This small action can put you right back in control or filled with hope again.

Click on this image to download your copy of the Joy List template.

Some items on my list include dancing, looking up with my hands raised, saying the words, “Believe it or not I’m walking on air I never thought I could feel so free!” I also have drinking lemonade in the shade with a cold breeze, hanging out with a good friend and hiking in the mountains. My sons have on their list things list parkour, creating a game, talking about weapons. And my clients have included things like waking up early for a run in the forest, being in a play, reading a good book, watching a comedy movie, etc.

What bring you joy? Write it down on a Joy List!


5 Ways to Up Level Your Happiness

  1. Appreciate what is going right in your life right NOW
    • Tell someone, share what’s been going right or what you’ve learning
  2. Make an entry in your Micro-journal
    • Write down 1 -3 fortunate things that happened to you or 1 – 3 ways you were recipient of deliberate kindness or 1 – 3 times you gave deliberate kindness
  3. Identify your limiting beliefs
    • What thoughts are keeping you from reaching your goals? Rewrite them, write the truth.
    • Here is a statement I use,”I use to believe … now I know…and because I know …(I have increase or it will help my children) Repetition matters
    • Change “I can’t” to  “I’m getting better and better”
    • Act on Faith by saying I’m adventurous, I can learn, I am eternally curious! I have Unlimited potential.
  4. Be Creative (deliberate)
    • Visualize, take time to reflect. In creating a video we must “see” the whole picture before it is shot, we write out a storyboard and scripts. Life can be just like this. Make your life a work of art – designed, crafted and created
    • Another way to be creative is to create and use a joy list / Opportunities
  5. Make a contribution (how will you help others)
    • Just as a boat is not created for the harbor, we are not created to stay stagnate, Sail on! Take calculated risks and reap tremendous rewards

What will you do today to make a difference/ leave a legacy?

5 Ways to Enhance Your Walk with God

God wants us to be successful homeschoolers. He wants us to feel confident and strong in our duty to teach our children. Alma, talking to those that believe (in homeschooling) saying, “I have said these things unto you that I might awaken you…that ye may walk after the holy order of God.” (Alma 7:22)

Here are five ways to get your homeschool in order and strengthen your walk with God:

1. Identify Your Needs
What do you want to accomplish? What are the needs of your children? Have a monthly checkup to stay in touch with their changing needs.
2. Develop a Plan
Every homeschool begins with an idea – a vision that becomes a reality with a detailed plan and daily action based on the goals to achieve that plan. (Think about the Plan of Salvation, also see M. Russell Ballard’s talk, Return and Receive.)
3. Help your children succeed in their goals
Children need training, resources and encouragement to succeed. Get to know them. Your relationship with them must come before you “teach” them. Creating an environment of trust that allows good habits to grow.
4. Manage your inventory
Homeschoolers are known for having many books (and I’m no exception – love them books). Managing the space for and the number of books is important, but not as important as getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with habits that improve your spirituality, helping you stay more focused and productive.
5. Express Gratitude
Tell your children thank you for helping you to learn. Thank your spouse for the support, love and help. Thank your Father in Heaven for the opportunity to learn, grow and provide a good education for your family.
As you strive to live these basic principles, Heavenly Father will bless you in your homeschooling choices and help you reach your troubled children too. Let our prayer be, “that they may grow up in thee, [Lord] and receive a fulness of the Holy Ghost, and be organized according to thy laws, and be prepared to obtain every needful thing.”

Would you like some organization skills to go along with your walk with God? My friend Molly Christensen is a very organized person with talent and ideas oozing out of her. She and her wonderful sister Marika are sharing their organizational secrets and tips. They will be sharing their cooking and cleaning tips and how to be a housekeeper, a mother and a homeschool teacher all at the same time. Or at least to be able to find peace in doing it all. Check out our interview with Molly and if this is something you struggle with take her up on her offer and get started. 🙂

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