Is God Keeping Something from You?

Have you ever felt like God was keeping something from you? This is Satan’s plan. He implied that God was keeping something from Eve, “don’t you want to know good and evil and become like the gods?” Think of it as sex. God asks us not to have sex until we are married. God asks Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit now, it was for another time. He was not keeping anything from them. He was only saying, “Not yet!” He is establishing the Pattern of Agency and Choice, the process of the Gospel.

You Are My Hands

There is a statue of Christ where the hands were destroyed during the war and they were left off and a description added beneath the statue which read, “You Are My Hands.” How do you demonstrate you are Christ’s hands?

Often the scriptures say that we are instruments in the hands of Christ. There are two types of instruments. Tools to be worked and musical instruments to be played. Tools need to be sharp and charged to be effective. Musical Instruments do not get to chose what they play, where they will be played or how or when they will be played. How do you keep yourself sharped, charged and ready to be used by Christ?

“You Are His Hands” Devotional Guide Available

We have prepared a PDF You Are My Hands Devotional for you to use with your family. Check out the video too.

Eve’s Second Choice

Once Eve took the fruit and learned good from evil and understood the consequence, she had to convince Adam. The language and dialog are brilliant. “Do you want to keep all of God’s commandments?” “I’m leaving and you’ll be left alone in the garden.” Adam knew what it was like to be alone and he chose to go with Eve to fulfill the other commandments to have children and become like God.


Heart and Mind

There is an obvious connection between the heart and the mind. God said he sends us answers, revelation, to the heart AND the mind. Both are involved in understanding. There may not be a logical reason for how they are connected, but we can use this knowledge in learning.

We first engage learning with God’s beauty. Through color, music, pictures, stories, etc. we can awaken the heart. When the heart recognizes God’s beauty curiosity begins to grow and questions spring forth ~ they are ready for knowledge of the mind, the mechanics, the how things work, the cognitive connections and the pulse of learning. If this stage of learning is allowed to become personal and self-directed drops of this knowledge drip down into the heart and understanding is planted. Each of these drops brings greater and greater understanding. A greater awe of God’s beauty once beheld as color now becomes understanding impressed upon their soul and new questions spring out and the cycle continues. The heart sparking the mind and the mind sowing the heart if cultivated will continue beating and learning forever.

Heart and Mind Devotional

We have prepared a PDF Heart and Mind Devotional for you to use with your family. Check out the video too.

The Serpent Symbol

Why did Lucifer portray himself as a Serpent?  Because he was mimicking Jehovah!

The serpent is a type of Jesus Christ. Moses, at the request of Jesus, placed a serpent on a pole, Nehushtan, so those that had been bitten by the fiery serpents could look and be healed. Jesus to the Nephites said, “My Father sent me that I might be lifted up upon the cross; and after that I had been lifted upon the cross that I might draw all men unto me.” (see 3 Nephi 27:14) Alma invites us all to “cast about your eyes” on the Son of God and “not harden your hearts in unbelief.” (see Alma 33:21-22) Satan is an imposter, he chose to portray the serpent to pretend he was Jesus, the Christ.

The serpent contains rich symbolism. If you were to get bit by a snake, you can be healed with the same venom that poisoned you. The antidote is found in the venom. Interestingly this same idea is found in the Atonement of Christ.

When you do something contrary to your beliefs you are plagued with guilt and pain (the bite) given to you by the creator of your conscience. There are two choices when this happens, turn to the ways of the world – thrill, drugs, friends, google, denial, etc. Or turn back to him who has the cure (the antidote) – Christ, the master physician, and healer. He can take away the guilt and give you refreshment, peace, strength, a clear mind, and conscience, etc.

The serpent is a physical reminder for us to turn and look to Christ!

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