Sharee Jones

Children's Classess


After serving eighteen months in southern France on a church mission, I moved to Logan, Utah and began a serious study in photographic art. I graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s in Fine Art/Photography and a minor in French. This is where I found a love of the wet darkroom process. It was within traveling abroad and studying art that I found a love of history and saw how people throughout time have evolved in their methods to communicate their understanding of the world and their purpose in it.

At fourteen I was fostered and then adopted by my loving, second-cousin and her family, whom I did not know previously. My adoptive parents provided me a place to heal from a difficult childhood and learn to see and understand the world with a new healthy perspective. As a child I learned to watch people closely and their intentions. This perspective provided a unique way to view individuals and their families as I seek to bring out the good in each person. I feel a great deal of gratitude and debt to my parents and God above.

My greatest accomplishment and work is with my husband and five children. We currently live in central, rural Utah, where my husband works as a machinist, fabricating parts for a large gypsum plant. We worked very hard to move to an area where we love to raise chickens, pheasants, our sweet dog, tend to our fruit trees and large garden. We love to visit my husband's family dairy farm 15 minutes away, where we learn, play, and help when and where we can.

Utilizing online classes (like those from Called to Learn), tutors, home classes, community classes, and work knowledge, I graduated my son with a homeschool diploma in 2021. I have been teaching online for two years, Language Arts, History and Science to children ages 6 to 15, while teaching my own children. I am thrilled to be teaching and continuing to learn with Called to Learn.