Learn of me, Listen to my Words,
Walk in the Meekness of my Spirit
 (D&C 19:23)

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All subjects infused with restored gospel principles to strengthen testimony.

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Selected signature classes from restored gospel subjects to strengthen personal and family testimonies.

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Jeffery R. Holland

I am making an unabashed appeal for a distinctly LDS approach to education. ... [As] one faculty member recently wrote me saying, 'We need—without arrogance but with energy and daring—to try [to] integrate faith and scholarship in our writing and in our teaching...

Hugh Nibley

 “No matter where be begin, if we pursue knowledge diligently and honestly, our quest will inevitably lead us from the things of the earth to the things of heaven.”

Our Purpose

Principle Centered 

We promote Gospel and thus Principle Centered Education and point everything to the partnership we have with God. We teach, discuss, and encourage participation in making Covenants with God and partaking in the ordinances His prophets have revealed to us from the time of Adam to this Fullness of Times. 

We believe in education that is patterned after the manner in which God has set out in the scriptures.

Family Focused

God established the home as the best environment to become like Him. What is being taught in the family, ideally,  is relationships, cooking, organizing, teamwork, hostessing, nursing, outdoorsmanship, cleaning, repairing, etc.

Why did we take away academic learning from the family? 

We believe we CAN learn ALL subjects as a family. Let's prove it together!!

Temple Based

The most important pattern God has given us is the patterns we find in the temple. Temples are not just beautiful structure in which to get married and make covenants -- they are the universities of God!! Is there any wonder he is dotting the earth with them? Are you hungry to learn within their walls? We turn to the scriptures for patterns God has set out, including the Biblical Tabernacle, meaning, line upon line and precept upon precept in one Eternal round.

Our Mission

We seek to restore and preserve the gospel culture of learning patterned after the temple of our Lord. Through principle-based education, we become dedicated

seekers of His truth,

keepers of His temple, and

teachers of His peace.

Our Goals

  • To help increase and strength testimonies of Jesus Christ, His creations, and His patterns throughout the world.
  • To know the characteristics and attributes of Christ by using the world as our classroom and focus our study on His creations which testify of Him.
  • To have all learning Gospel Centered, Family Focused, and Temple Based

Our Temple Path of Stone Tables Makes
Called to Learn Academy Unique

We achieve our learning and teaching with the following:

the Theology Tree

Keeping all learning connected to the Savior's temple (trunk) and God's plan of Salvation (roots) We liken our learning to a tree with Covenant roots, Theology Trunk, Subject Branches, and Fruits of our Labors.

Key Pattern of Learning

Teachers guide students to the "Living Waters" of inspiration and imagination through learning and receiving knowledge, applying and receiving understanding, and sharing and receiving intelligence and wisdom.

Levels of Scholarship

Choose your learning journey, and how you want to be held accountable. You can choose to come and participate, participate and do work, or the parents can give bookwork after class. 

The Learning Model

Instead of class work THAN homework, we choose to follow the BYUI model of learning first, sharing in the classroom, then pondering and making a record.

School Community

We have our own special online community, a place where we can build a school family community. This is not a place for grading, but a place to get to know each other and learn about events within and without the classroom. 

Skills & Habits

There are specific Habits and Skills we focus on each year
Here is a master list of all the Habits and Skills we hope the student will learn before they graduate.


Those choosing to have the teacher be their accountability (Journeyman and Master levels) will be invited to Google Classroom where the assignments will be posted. Students will be asked to turn in their work here and it will be graded. Communication about assignments can be made within the Google Classroom or the Community. 


God asked us to remember the times he performed miracles He said Memorialize them. We follow this same pattern to help us remember what we have learned. After each book and/or unit of study we celebrate with a party (online is just as fun) with dress up, food, reenactments, memorizations, etc. 


Learning takes place among learning. So, why not learn together? We invite families all over to come and learn more about our Hebrew Heritage. Events include Passover, Chanukkah, Hebrew Wedding Reenactment, and Biblical Tabernacle Experience.


If the family and the student choose to graduate a list of items to accomplish will be given to them. When those are completed they will receive a certificate of graduation along with a graduation ceremony and will be asked to give a speech. 

Our Guarantee

  • We teach the doctrines and principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage learners to apply them as they are led to do.
  • We use the scriptures as our primary textbook and other resources second.
  • We relate and link ALL learning back to the Plan of Salvation which helps us to retain what we learn.

Henry B. Eyring

“True learning must have a powerful spiritual component. That spiritual element, when it is effective, refines and uplifts the aims of our total education."