Called to Learn

Parents are called to establish an environment where the Spirit can bring 
understanding of eternal truths to each family member.

What We Offer!


Four, short, daily core classes

Each morning, after individual family devotional, the children will meet for an hour and learn the core subjects. 

On Mondays they will learn the elements of Literature (good books) and the English Language (spelling and writing). 

On Tuesdays Science will be the topic. History (God's story on Earth) and Geography (the setting of God's story) will be discovered on Wednesdays. The last day will be filled with the elements of Art (discovering God's quality of beauty).


Eight core subjects and

four elective classes

After individual family devotional and the hour of children's classes, the youth will meet for two hours of core classes. Afterwards they have the choice to attend a one hour, elective class. 

We will start out the week with Math and Science, reviewing fractions, learning the language of numbers, studying life on the planet.

The study of Ancient History beginning with the beginning of Israel, the scattering, and Greek and Roman empires. 

In Literature we will read books about Egypt, Greek, and Roman eras along with great biographies. In Language we will learn sentence and writing skills. 

Art and Music are often forgotten core subjects. Each play a large role in God's plan. 


Improvement and core classes

Each Friday the parents are invited to meet together for three purposes, to review what was taught, discuss what happened, and learn what will be taught. This will also be a time to discuss concerns and ways to improve learning.

Three core class are available for adults: 

Language of the Scripture - learning study habits and language skills

Living Science - studying with the UM and learning how God uses plants, animals, and body parts to teach principles

Ancient History - learning the same history the youth are learning.

We Are Different, Here's How...

Called to Learn Academy is a private family-focused school. We are faith based with an emphases on values, manners, citizenship, and habits that will give students confidence in their future. Our students learn about God and their role in His story from every subject.

YouTube Channel

Thom and Tresta with their two sons are traveling the United States in a motorhome. Follow them at or on YouTube at Called to See His Hand. You will see what they have learned and where they have seen God's hand at work throughout the states. Where are you called?

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