Remove Mommy Anxiety!

We moms feel inadequate and unqualified to teach, direct, and guide our children. In this webinar, we want to help you feel smart and confident to teach your own children.  

Friday, April 29th 

12:00 PM Mountain Time

The Webinar

As a young mother, Tresta, didn't feel smart and she hid from potentially awkward situations and missed out on potentially wonderful opportunities. How do you gain confidence and want to be in social situations again?  In this webinar, you will discover tips on how to gain and feel confident. 

Webinar Recording will be up for a limited time after the event

Resha Bartlett

Teacher at 16SA

She helps mothers feel less stress and more self-worth by helping them follow their own intuition. 

Tresta Neil

Director of Education

Christian  homeschool curriculum author who helps mothers feel smart enough to teach their own children and confident enough to share. 

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