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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Tresta Neil
About Ancient History (from Creation to 600BC)

History is God's relationship with mankind. God has always been consistent in his teachings throughout His Story. We are going to focus on His dealings with the descents of Abraham, the Hebrews. We will learn how they were chosen, delivered and how they set up their government system. We will see how their worship services and governmental system is the basis of our current constitutional government set up by those who were great students of the Old Testament.

We will focus our study on Adam, Abraham, and Moses. We will learn about the influence of the Biblical Tabernacle throughout history from Adam down to the Jews. We will discover God's hand in their lives.

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September 20, 2021

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September 27, 2021

About the Teacher

Tresta Neil

Tresta is a mother of eight darling children and many borrowed children. Her husband introduced her to the idea of homeschooling after her fourth was born and she thought he was crazy. Twenty years later she is a strong advocate for homeschooling. She is a mentor for homeschool mothers and their parenting/schooling/mental needs. Her favorite homeschool subject is symbolic math. She is the author of God Saw That It Was Good and other homeschooling books. She is the co-founder of Called to Learn, restoring and preserving Gospel culture of learning patterned after the temple, with her husband, Thom. She and her son, Izaak, have a podcast called, Gospel Theory. Her passion is teaching, writing, and telling God’s Story. If you ask her about her most embarrassing moment she will tell you a story about sitting on a cactus.

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