Ancient Stories with a Modern Message

Do you attend Church Educational Service (CES) classes? I use to attend them all the time, but since my son’s big hospital visit ten years ago I haven’t been back until this semester and I’ve signed up for three, that’s right three! Two Old Testament and Life of Christ and I can’t get enough, I’m loving every minute. I’m learning new ways to look at the Old and New Testament, mostly how to apply the lesson to our day. I’ve been pleasantly impressed with the quality of lessons we’ve had thus far and how each teacher is uniquely different.

For those of you who don’t and can’t attend I will add a learning experience for you each week.

Eve’s Second Choice

Once Eve took the fruit and learned good from evil and understood the consequence, she had to convince Adam. The language and dialog are brilliant. "Do you want to keep all of God's commandments?" "I'm leaving and you'll be left alone in the garden." Adam knew what it...

Satan lies to us to get us to interrupt or tear down our families.

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A Main Target of Satan

Satan lies to us to get us to interrupt or tear down our families. Mortality hinges on family, anything that breaks up the family is of Satan.

Don’t Listen

Satan "beguiled" Eve. He lied to her. He tricked her. Satan still lies, EVERYTHING he says is a lie! He will always be a liar. Don't listen!

Why the Creation

Many focus on the "how" and the "what" of the creation, have you ever asked "Why?" the creation? To bring YOU exaltation so YOU can be like him, he created the earth for YOU. He "took" YOU and "put" YOU here at this time (see Genesis 2:15). Do YOU know...

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