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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Tresta Neil
About Path of Stone Tables

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Tabernacle Introduction

  • (Lesson 1) The Plan of SalvationThe Creation ~ The Fall ~ The Atonement ~ Altars ~ Sacrifices ~ the presence of God (Shekinah) ~ God is Omnipresent and Invites us to Come to Him!
  • (Lesson 2) Keepers of the TempleIsraelite Camp ~ Levite ~ Nazarite ~ Cornerstone Tribes ~ Tabernacle Complex ~ Progression ~ Priest’s vestments ~ We are the Keepers of the Temple
  • (Lesson 3) Clothing & OrdinationsPriest’s Clothing ~ High Priests clothing ~ Ordination of a Priest ~ Anatomy of an Ordinance ~ Structure your mind like the Tabernacle

Path of Stone Tables

  • (Lesson 4) The Path of Stone TablesAnimal Offerings ~ Symbolic Components ~ Types of Offerings: Sin, Burnt, Peace ~ Path of Stone Tables, Sacrifice or Offering. Our “endowment is the journey” on the “narrow and narrowing” path leads to our conversion and to Godhood.
  • (Lesson 5) The Outer CourtOuter Partition ~ Scrolls ~  The Entrances: Gate, Door, Veil ~ Dimensions ~ Wise Hearted ~ Preparation ~ There is only ONE WAY back to Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ is the WAY (10 squared).

First Stone Table – Sin Offering

  • (Lesson 6) The Brazen Altar:  Substitutionary Sacrifice ~ SIN Offering: Blood & Horns ~ How Sacrifices were Preformed ~ Roles of the Priest, Animal & Sinner ~ Common Procedures ~ Physicality of an Ordinance ~ Day of Atonement ~ The Penalty for Sin is Death.
  • (Lesson 7) The Laver:  Day of Atonement ~ Baptism ~ Born Again ~ Initiatory: Washings ~ The Horn ~ Anointings ~ The Horn ~ Water ~ Becoming Clean from the Blood of this Generation
  • (Lesson 8) The Inner Court:  Preparatory Gospel ~ Tabernacle Coverings ~ Colors & Symbols ~ The Door ~ Furniture & Utensils ~ Scents  “God is in the Details of our Lives”

Second Stone Table- Burnt Offering

  • (Lesson 9) The Burnt Offering:  Temple Language ~ Five Progressive Covenants: Obedience, Sacrifice, Gospel, Chastity, Consecration ~ Recognizing Patterns ~ God works in Patterns
  • (Lesson 10) The Table of Shew Bread:  Covenants of Manna, Unleavened Bread & Passover ~ Bread & Water ~ Sacrament ~ Christ Bring, Delivers, Redeems & Take us home.
  • (Lesson 11) The Menorah:  Seven ~ Gift of the Holy Ghost ~ light, fire, olive oil ~ Almond Tree ~ First-Fruits ~ Consistent ~ Watchful ~ Christ is the “Light of the World” and The Refiner is Careful
    (Lesson 12) The Prayer Altar Sacrifices Light Prayers ~ Format for Prayer ~ Types of Prayers ~ Symbols of Prayer ~ Receiving Answers ~ Theme:  Sacrifices Fuel Prayers.

Third Stone Table – Peace Offering

  • (Lesson 13) The Peace Offering:  Eating & Drinking ~ Covenant of Fellowship ~ five Principles of Fellowship ~ “Feeding His Sheep” ~ The purpose& Reward of Fasting. Theme: “Feed my lambs…feed my sheep.”
  • (Lesson 14) The Holy of Holies:  The Veil ~ Arc of the Covenant ~ Cherubim ~ Ark Contents ~ Calling & Election (2 Peter 1) ~ Review ~ Theme: Christ is in me and I am in Him and we are ONE
  • (Bonus) Calling & Election: 2 Peter 1:1-3 – Introduction ~ 1:4 – What we ask for and desire at the veil ~ 1:11 – How we get through the veil ~ Crash course on “Searching” for meaning in the Scriptures

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About the Teacher

Tresta Neil

Tresta is a mother of eight darling children and many borrowed children. Her husband introduced her to the idea of homeschooling after her fourth was born and she thought he was crazy. Twenty years later she is a strong advocate for homeschooling. She is a mentor for homeschool mothers and their parenting/schooling/mental needs. Her favorite homeschool subject is symbolic math. She is the author of God Saw That It Was Good and other homeschooling books. She is the co-founder of Called to Learn, restoring and preserving Gospel culture of learning patterned after the temple, with her husband, Thom. She and her son, Izaak, have a podcast called, Gospel Theory. Her passion is teaching, writing, and telling God’s Story. If you ask her about her most embarrassing moment she will tell you a story about sitting on a cactus.

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