Discovering Christ in the Stars

God numbered and NAMED the stars. Job and other prophets have quoted the constellation names such as the lion, palliates, Orion, and the serpent. The Egyptians and Greeks added their own names and stories to the original constellations.

The Zodiac constellations are the twelve constellations that the sun touches. Each of those constellations have 3 decans that help tell their story or witness their mission. This makes a total of 48 constellations. Join this class and learn about the

  • history of constellations,
  • what makes up a constellation
  • about each constellation
  • how they match up with a tribe and a gem color
  • how the zodiac constellations testify of Christ

Complete the Form below to receive your copy of the Zodiac Constellations booklet. Use this as a guide to teach your children the Zodiac constellations and the significance of the bright star in each.

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