Called to Learn Academy 2020-21

These courses are Gospel Culture centered, Christian Doctrine and Principles rich. Check out our unique, live, online courses. Each class is $90/semester with payments as low as $30.


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Mondays 8AM - 12PM (MT)

September 14 - April 26

(excluding holidays)

The Language of the Scriptures

In this course you'll learn how to search, how to slow down your study to observe language, to ask questions about your observations, and to find meaning.

Geometry 5 - Life and Growth

How does God teach with the number 5? Come and learn the principles of the pentagon, pentagram, spiral, and docdecahedron.

Language of Life Science UM
10AM (2nd Semester)

Learn where fossils came from and how they were formed. Dismantle the evolution theory. Discover the true origin and migration of the human population.

Language of Persuasion
10AM (1st Semester)

Experience activities with non-verbal communication, learn the Doctrine of Persuasion and how to improve your ability, and develop your communication skills.

Hebrew with a Modern Twist

When you study Hebrew, you will gain a stronger relationship and understanding of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and their teachings.



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Do I have to attend all the LIVE courses?

Although we HIGHLY encourage you to attend every session to get the best results out of this class it is not required. All classes are recorded.

When do we meet?

Each course will meet on Mondays.

8:00 Geometry 5

9:00 Search the Scriptures

10:00 Influence and Persuasion

11:00 Hebrew

All times are Mountain Time (MT)

How do we access the course?

After you purchase the courses you'll be given a zoom link to access each class. You'll also receive instructions on ways to be successful in using zoom.


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