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These courses are Gospel Culture centered, Christian Doctrine and Principles rich. Check out our unique, live, online courses. Each class is $180/year with payments as low as $32.


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September 20 - April 26

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The Language of the Scriptures
Monday 8:30 AM

Our culture has taught us to not ask questions. When we were young we are filled with questions, it is a natural process of life. But our leaders stop us for asking or give us cliché or round answers to point that we stop asking questions.

God can’t guide us if we don’t turn on the engine of our minds by asking questions. When we ponder the answers to those questions we are moving and God CAN and will guide and lead you to the answers.

In this class you will learn key words to look for when studying, the importance of a vocabulary list, sentence structures in the scriptures, how to diagram (not the same as we did in school) sentences, and analyzing complete works and parables.

Ancient History (from Creation to 600BC)
Monday 10 AM

History is God's relationship with mankind. God has always been consistent in his teachings throughout His Story. We are going to focus on His dealings with the descents of Abraham, the Hebrews. We will learn how they were chosen, delivered and how they set up their government system. We will see how their worship services and governmental system is the basis of our current constitutional government set up by those who were great students of the Old Testament.

We will focus our study on Adam, Abraham, and Moses. We will learn about the influence of the Biblical Tabernacle throughout history from Adam down to the Jews. We will discover God's hand in their lives.

Symbolism of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet
Monday 11 AM

Hebrew. Each of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Alpha Bet have their own number, meaning, name, story, all from the lens of the Restored Gospel. In this class we will go through each letter and learn it's symbolism and story.

Then we will put the letters together and learn Hebrew symbolism for different biblical words. Check out the poetry written in Psalms 119 about each letter in the Hebrew Aleph Bet.

Hebrew - Level 2
Monday 12 PM

Do you want to learn to read Hebrew? Then this class is for you. By the end of the semester you should be able to read the 100 most often used words in the Bible. Plus know how to read, write and learn the beautiful symbolism of the Hebrew language.

When you study Hebrew, you will gain a stronger relationship and understanding of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and their teachings.

Friday 8:00 AM

The sky is another very logical place to write the story of Christ. But, of course, Satan didn't like that so he spent many years trying to ease the pages of the sky. Miraculously, we have discovered ancient records and are piecing this story back together. In this class we will learn basic astronomy and astrophysics plus how God uses the stars to teach us about His Son Jesus Christ from our current point of view - Earth.

We will study each Zodiac constellation with each of their accompanying decans as witnesses to the mission of Christ. You will learn more about God's Plan of Happiness and about your roll in His plan.

OmniScience with the UM
Monday 1:30 PM

Science is the study of Knowledge - Truth! In this course, we begin with focusing on the importance of water in the creation. 

We will also learn about the Clovis people in America and how they used specific rock and great technology. We will learn about the animals at that time and how the flood killed most of the plants and all the animals - except for the ones Noah was called to save.

We will use the Old Testament as our textbook along with the Universal Model. The year will end with learning about what Abraham taught the Egyptians and end with Euclidian Geometry and the Natural Laws he discovered.

Know Your Religion
Thursdays 6:00AM
This is a free class with any purchase of the above classes

Every Thursday morning we, parents, meet to study the scriptures. This is an ongoing class that studies different scriptural topics. We enjoy going deep into one subject. This year we study faith with the book, "Lectures on Faith" written by those who attended the "School of the Prophets," led by Joseph Smith.

In this group everyone has a voice and input into what we are studying. This is a great way to meet with like minded Saints. It is a safe place to ask hard questions and explore answers together. Join in the discussion, listen in, or watch the recordings, all are welcome.



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Do I have to attend all the LIVE courses?

Although we HIGHLY encourage you to attend every session to get the best results out of this class it is not required. All classes are recorded.

When do we meet?

Each course will meet on Mondays.

8:30 The Language of the Scriptures

10:00 Ancient History

11:00 Symbolism of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet

12:00 Hebrew

All times are Mountain Time (MT)

How do we access the course?

After you purchase the courses you'll be given a zoom link to access each class. You'll also receive instructions on ways to be successful in using zoom.


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