Become a Leader in Your Home

Wednesday’s 1:00-2:30pm MDT
March 24, 2021-May 26, 2021

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The last live class was Wednesday, May 26.

All recordings will be available until June 9th.

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Why Create a House of Order?

In order to teach our children we must first have structure and order. Once these are in place there is function and flow and where relationships can easily be strengthened. 

Here’s what we’ll be covering during "Embrace the Lioness"

Week 1

Embrace the Lioness

This week we will discuss the leadership qualities of a lioness and and how they apply to you as a woman.


Week 2

Honestly Live Life

This week you will Face the Mirror and learn to become more honest in all the area’s of your life.


Week 3

Be the Power of One

This week we will discuss extreme ownership, how to overcome adversity


Week 4

Orchestrate Your Life

This week we will discuss Why you do what you do? How you do one thing is how you do everything?


Week 5

Simply Be More

Who are you? On the Inside and Out? Not who you were and yet not yet who you have the potential to become.


Week 6

Become the S.T.A.R. in Your Life

This week we will learn about the SBM-Fundamentals. A new way of being.


Week 7

Sustainable Home Life

How is your home space? Success Starts at Home. Is coming Home a Beautiful Thing?


Week 8

Working the Home

Your home compared to a business. The asset that it is and how to properly protect it


Week 9

Purge with Purpose

Law of Use and Learn about the F’s and use some solid quality and


Week 10

System to Achieve Results

Who are you? On the Inside and Out? Not who you were and yet not yet who you have the potential to become.


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How can I access the bonuses?

You will receive an email with appropriate links.

What can I expect from the classes?

Authentic, candid education about leadership and personal development so you can become and successful leader at home. 

I don't reside in the U.S. What time is the live Embrace the Lioness? 

We’re hosting the Embrace the Lioness on Zoom live at 1pm Mountain Standard Time. Replays will be available.

Are there handouts that go with each class? 

Yes, each week you’ll get a downloadable link to each handout. The PDF link will be next to the recording. 

What is the format for the class?

90 minutes of interactive training and Q&A. Including downloadable PDF to work on as you go. 

Will there be a replay?

Replays will be available for the entire duration of the class so you'd be able to watch at a time that better fits your schedule. If you purchase Lifetime Access, you can watch the replays as often and whenever you’d like.