Be the Power of One & 
Become the S.T.A.R In Your Life

Wednesday’s 1:00-2:30pm MST
March 24, 2021-May 26, 2021


If you want to learn how to find your voice, speak your truth and lead so others will follow then this course is for you…In 10 weeks we will teach you how to embrace your innate leadership skills waiting to be awakened so that you can find the success you’ve been longing for in all area’s of your life…

Personally, Home & Family, Professionally

Most other Leadership training programs neglect the home& family and fail to offer real solutions for the challenges the everyday women faces.

This program is written by a woman, wife, mother and business consultant who has figured stuff out so you can become the leader in your life that others will want to follow…

You want more time, but the problem is you think there are too many things to do in a day, which leaves you feeling stressed and exhausted. That’s just plain wrong because you should be able to enjoy your life and feel like you have time to do something valuable.

In this course, you will learn how to take back your time. We will help you look at your home through new lenses, create processes to eliminate excess things that take away your time, and help you create a system to keep track of it all.

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It’s time to make it happen!
We’ll give you the solutions and strategies to finally have more time for play!
Whatever play means to you…..


Orem, Utah

“Overwhelmed” doesn’t begin to describe my life. Years of putting myself last (because isn’t that what’s expected of us moms?) caused havoc, chaos, frustration, and self-esteem issues. Brandi’s timing with her amazing organizational program not only helps me to “ORCHESTRATE MY DAYS,” give me back my time, feel more in control, but also reclaim ME. Every day is a clean slate, a chance to begin again and take control over my many responsibilities. Being a part of Brandi’s pilot program with all the amazing things she’s taken the time to figure out (so we don’t have to) empowered me to reclaim everything, literally everything! Thanks to what Brandi has taught me. I have faith in myself again and hope for a successful future with my family and reaching ALL of my goals. Thank you Brandi!”

Here’s what we’ll be covering during "Embrace the Lioness"

Week 1

Embrace the Lioness

This week we will discuss the leadership qualities of a lioness and and how they apply to you as a woman.


Week 2

Honestly Live Life

This week you will Face the Mirror and learn to become more honest in all the area’s of your life.


Week 3

Be the Power of One

This week we will discuss extreme ownership, how to overcome adversity


Week 4

Orchestrate Your Life

This week we will discuss Why you do what you do? How you do one thing is how you do everything?


Week 5

Simply Be More

Who are you? On the Inside and Out? Not who you were and yet not yet who you have the potential to become.


Week 6

Become the S.T.A.R. in Your Life

This week we will learn about the SBM-Fundamentals. A new way of being.


Week 7

Sustainable Home Life

How is your home space? Success Starts at Home. Is coming Home a Beautiful Thing?


Week 8

Working the Home

Your home compared to a business. The asset that it is and how to properly protect it


Week 9

Purge with Purpose

Law of Use and Learn about the F’s and use some solid quality and


Week 10

System to Achieve Results

Who are you? On the Inside and Out? Not who you were and yet not yet who you have the potential to become.


What they (Sam and Brandi) say is very real and that they walk the talk. ...Every time I came back in the evening to Brandi's house I felt this warm, beautiful, relaxed, very present vibe. And I felt I was include, I was invited, I was accepted. Everything was just running in it's natural flow. 


Two Bonus Classes when You Join
Embrace the Lioness
Why Create a House of Order

In order to teach our children we must first have structure and order. Once these are in place there is function and flow and where relationships can easily be strengthened. 

Pretty power Me

100 Days to Confidence Free Group Training


“I thought I was pretty good at time management but I learned some tips and tricks that I have never considered and I have more time for my creative projects.

Connie Z.

Sugar House, Utah


“I was having a hard time in my life. I was recently divorced. I was overwhelmed as a single mom and I was moving into a new home. Brandi helped me to get packed up and ready for my move in a timely manner. What would of taken me days she did in hours. I’m so grateful she helped me and I plan to hire her in the future to help me with managing my time.” 

Rachel J.

Pleasant Grove, Utah


“When I first met Brandi, I believed I ran a pretty organized home. But after visiting with her several times, I saw where I could greatly improve particularly in scheduling and meals. Today my family praises my time with Brandi because now meals are reliable and triple bookings are rare.”


Orem, Utah

In this podcast you will learn (click to view):

  • Why it is important to become a leader, not just the position of leader in your home
  • The difference between a leader and a manager
  • Obligation vs. opportunity
  • Balancing all areas of life vs. giving equal time to all areas of life
  • Desire vs. Goal
  • The assets in the home - Relationships, Time, Resources
  • The product of the home is people - responsible citizens

This course is FOR you if you’re ready to:

  • become a leader in your life
  • enjoy your life
  • have more time for creative pursuits
  • feel peace in your heart head and home
  • take your life from great to greater

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are content with chaos
  • You're not interested in change
  • You thrive on drama
  • You want codependent relationships
  • You love being a victim

Maura O.

Provo, Utah

“My health had been worsening the last few years and I realized it was time to do something drastic after waiting so long. I made the decision to downsize (because I didn’t know where to start and it was hard to let go). My parents were “collectors”, of anything and everything, so I became and organized “hoarder”(I was a little bit more selective than my parents). So I had a Home Reset and Pop up Sale which reduced the amount of things I had to manage. I can finally get my car in the garage, which is the first time in my whole adult life. So without Brandi’s help who knows when or IF this would have EVER gotten done. This was the best decision I could have ever made about my “STUFF.” I’m so much happier after making this decision!”

About this Lioness

Brandi is a mother of ten and an air force vet. She runs a tight and orderly home.  Her training in the military, corporate America, and "Character Counts" led her to success in her home. She discovered that home, family, and house work are just like running a business. She put her skills to work in the home and discovered she had a lot more time when she implemented her system. 


Did I mention these new concepts will take your life from great to greater? 
You'll see how to parent so your children will listen.

Get Ready to Roar!
Brandi and Tresta 


How can I access the bonuses?

You will receive an email with appropriate links.

What can I expect from the classes?

Authentic, candid education about leadership and personal development so you can become and successful leader at home. 

I don't reside in the U.S. What time is the live Embrace the Lioness? 

We’re hosting the Embrace the Lioness on Zoom live at 1pm Mountain Standard Time. Replays will be available.

Are there handouts that go with each class? 

Yes, each week you’ll get a downloadable link to each handout. The PDF link will be next to the recording. 

What is the format for the class?

90 minutes of interactive training and Q&A. Including downloadable PDF to work on as you go. 

Will there be a replay?

Replays will be available for the entire duration of the class so you'd be able to watch at a time that better fits your schedule. If you purchase Lifetime Access, you can watch the replays as often and whenever you’d like.

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