February 15


Ep 39 | Definitions: Faith

By Brother Thom

Gospel Theory Podcast

What is faith?
“Faith is the evidence of things not seen and the assurance of things hoped for.”

Faith has three elements.

  1. Evidence from our past that God has assisted us in the past. Things we couldn’t see at the time we were going through these events
  2. Assurance, because of our past experience, that God will help us in our future. We have hope in the future.
  3. Action in our presence because of the evidence from our past and the hope we have in the future.

“Faith as the evidence of things not seen looks to the past and confirms our trust in God and our confidence in the truthfulness of things not seen. We stepped into the darkness with assurance and hope, and we received evidence and confirmation as the light in fact moved and provided the illumination we needed. The witness we obtained after the trial of our faith (see Ether 12:6) is evidence that enlarges and strengthens our assurance.” David A. Bednar in his talk, “Seek Learning by Faith”

How do we “learn … by faith?”

  • Learning by faith opens the pathway into the heart.
  • Learning by faith requires spiritual, mental, and physical exertion and not just passive reception.
  • “Learning by faith involves the exercise of moral agency to act upon the assurance of things hoped for and invites the evidence of things not seen from the only true teacher, the Spirit of the Lord.” David A. Bednar

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