The Secret of Becoming Numerate!

Illiterate is not understanding letters and sounds.
Innumerate is not understanding numbers and quantity.


What they say

I took the Symbolic Math Class on circles. [I] had no idea there was so much symbology and beauty in a circle.

Suzanne W. - Homeschool Mom

That was just deep soul food, My heart had been craving. I soaked it up looking forward to more. Thanks for the light and learning. 😁

Wendy A. - Homeschool Mom

Learning and teaching math just got easier.

We will see how checking problems becomes super simple. 


Each number has a personality, a character trait. 


The language of numbers use to be well known and through the ages has been forgotten. 


After learning the patterns and characteristics of each number discover the usefulness of knowing this language.


You will discover how mnemonics can be universal and make learning easier.

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Becoming Numerate!!

What does a pineapple have to do with the number 5?