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Don't be innumerate! Become Unstoppable in reaching your goals by learning the Language of Numbers. Each number has it's own unique characteristic and associated shape, and specific way it interacts with other numbers. They can teach you about yourself and your next steps in life, family, and business.


My children (ages 6-16) and I took the Symbolic Math Class on circles. We had no idea there was so much symbology and beauty in a circle. We learned through pictures, videos, works of art, stories, quotes, scriptures and experiments. My oldest son asked me a few days ago when we were going to do the next class because he missed it. I can't believe how much I thought about circles through this class and how symbolic they are. The class was so enlightening. I think differently now. I am so grateful to Tresta for loving this subject and sharing her love of it with us. If you're thinking about taking a class, do it! You won't be disappointed!

Susan Wallis

Homeschool Mother


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