Embrace the Lioness

Test Module

Module 1

this would be a module of the course

Module Structure

Chapter 1 2 Lessons

Lesson 1

Here is an example of a video from our homeschool stories 

Lesson 2

This is another Lesson through a homeschool story interview.

Chapter 2 1 Lesson

simple text lesson.

I will share how my children and I make the gospel an integral part of our lives, patterning our systems after Heavenly Father’s systems!  I will help you recognize how Heavenly Father helps us grow in certain ways, through routines and order… Then I will help you figure out how to keep similar order in your own homeschool routine.  When we strive to make our home a heaven on earth, then we (both as parents and children in the family) can be homeschooled by Heavenly Father himself through the Holy Ghost!