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We Have All Witnessed This!

 Many of us have children that have jumped ship. When we first became parents we were filled with wonder and visions of the perfect, happy, strong in the gospel family.


Honestly, we have a lot against us.

Especially the internal negative questions like:

– “Am I ruining them?”

– “Will this be enough?”

– “Will they be able to handle the – “real” world?”

– “What if they don’t hold onto their faith.”

Here is what we fight against:


– Modern literature riddled with ungodly themes and hidden agendas

– Movies and Music that are degrading and immoral

– Anti-God and Anti-America philosophies

– Children acting like the disrespectful characters they are reading about

– Our children’s peers only want to play video games and ignore or bully them

– TV shows showing our children to not respect us or each other
Moral standards being mocked



– There are so many choices in schools, co-ops, academies and curricula

– When we do choose we need to add truth or reteach false doctrines – IF we catch them

– The Nagging Questions, “Are they behind?”, “Is this enough?”, “What about their…”

– We compare ourselves to other homeschoolers and feel inadequate

So We Have A Question For You:

What if You Went to Bed Each Night with Confidence

And Assurance that You Were Giving Your Children EXACTLY

What They Needed?

Would that not change everything?

Wouldn’t it give you more confidence in being a parent? Teaching them? Running your home? Talking to them?

So why don’t you feel that way now?

Chances are this isn’t the first time you have struggled with this question. You may have even googled it, asked others what they do, made changes and still little progress is made.

Why do you still feel nervous, scared, inadequate?

When you join the Bachelor’s Program you’ll see how others across the nation are combating question and what they are doing about it. From their wisdom and experience, you will gain the confidence AND know that what you are teaching them is exactly what they need.

Dear Friend,

Tresta and I are homeschool parents of eight children. When I proposed the idea to homeschool our children to Tresta it probably wasn’t the best timing. 

We had four children under the age of four and a half. She was overwhelmed with the little ones. Her immediate answer was, “No way.”



My parents were university graduates and my father was a professor, and they homeschooled my youngest brother. I did not have a good experience with peers or learning in school and wanted something different for my children.




Tresta on the other hand, loved school, had many friends and enjoyed learning. She got good grades in college and had two degrees. She did not want our children to “miss out” on the social aspects of schooling.




We discussed this many times over the next few months. When we talked about a true education, and we admitted that we didn’t feel we had a great education. In fact, we felt cheated. Here we were graduates but didn’t feel like we knew or remembered anything of importance that we would want to pass on to our children.



We decided we needed help and attended a small homeschool conference and asked many questions. The social question was never answered in a way that satisfied to Tresta. However, what did amaze us both was how much emphasis was placed on spirituality within the core subjects. We traveled back home with many more questions than when we came.

Our Questions:

• “Is it legal to teach church subjects with school subjects?” We knew school subject were brought up in church, but never the other way around.

• “Where do you find curricula that can help you learn (let alone teach) this way?”

• “Could our children live in the world, get a gospel-directed education and not stand out?” (will they be weird?)

• “How can we go back and get a better education so we feel strong and confident in teaching gospel subjects WITH academic subjects”

We Felt Lost…and Excited

We wanted an education like this; We surmised that..


If All things Testify of Christ

Then Academics Testified of Christ BUT HOW?

But where is the proof ? Is there anyone who can help us see how they testify of Christ? What’s an example of ANY academic subject testifying of Him?


We started looking everywhere for the answer and received little to no help.


– The Schools, no!

– The Library, no! (well a little)

– The Church, no!

– Other Homeschoolers, no! (they just believed it)


The best we could find was a curriculum that would through in a scripture or two between the chapters or problems. We even had people say, “It’s easy, just add a scripture”.


What? This was NOT teaching Christ through the subject, it was teaching the subject with a scripture wrapping! An empty package!

We wanted to Learn of Christ, come closer to Him AS we learned the subject!

 We Were Frustrated! Over the next few years Tresta and I pieced together some ideas, we practiced and practiced on our children, we read the Scriptures, Ensign magazine articles, the New Era, ( was not up and running at this time), Gospel Principles, Words of the Living Prophets and many school topics and curriculum.


One mother showed us “God’s curriculum” in Doctrine & Covenants 88 we were so thrilled! We found mentors that taught us about using “links” (Doctrine & Covenants 128) to teach world and family history. We knew we were on the right track when our children started seeing Christ with nature and His hand in the lives of the characters in the books we were reading.

What still shocks us is years later it is still very little about how to combine school and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We decided to do something about it. We started interviewing gospel-centered homeschoolers around the country asking them to share their insights in combining School and the Gospel.



They answered questions like:

  • How do you teach your children how to follow the spirit

  • How do implement the Gospel into your academic learning

  • How do you use Gospel symbols in teaching, learning and study

  • How do you celebrate your learning as a family

  • What intrinsic values do you teach while studying academic learning

  • Give us an example of how your testimony has grown since teaching this way

  • Give us an example of how your children are strengthening their relationship with the Savior through learning academics with the Gospel

  • What “lesson plans” or systems can you share with us that is working currently in your Gospel-centered learning?

  • How do you teach that Math testifies of Christ? (a common question in our group)

Currently, we’ve gathered dozens of stories and answers in both video and audio format. These are now available in Called to Learn University for you to browse, view and learn from.

Please enjoy the wealth of gospel-directed information we have collected.

With Increased Love and Learning,

Thom Neil

The BIG Lie

For years we have been taught that there is a separation between God and schools. We have believed this lie to the point where many Christian’s don’t know how God fits into Math or History.

When we realized our children were destined to fail in a system like this we found the courage to fight and make a difference.

Let’s Unite! It’s time to strengthen our Armor of God and FIGHT!

We are fighting for our CHILDREN!

We can’t afford to simply “do school” at home. We must teach from God’s perspective with EVERY subject, topic and discussion.

By teaching your children to recognize doctrines and principles and then create a plan of action today, you give them the tools to be victorious.

Using Godly sources YOU can inspire your children to plant and grow THEIR testimonies and align themselves with Christ.

Once we realized that putting God in all subjects what possible our children lives began to change very quickly and we found hope in our kids future!

What if you:

  • Could confidently teach God’s purpose for every subject

  • Could hear from those that have “made it” their children are thriving, righteous adults

  • Could instill a love of God and country more abundantly

  • And your children knew how to recognize and apply righteous principles easily

  • Knew how to recognize the poisonous literature and inoculate against it

  • Knew how to recognize the genius in each child

  • Knew how to help foster a strong relationship between God and your child

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