Celebrate Passover with the

Neil Family

Special LIVE Event

We Invite your family to join our family as we celebrate around our table.

We invite you to come and learn about your Jewish heritage and the first Old Testament festival, the Passover, a Spring time celebration on

April 29, 2024, at 6pm MDT.

We are having our 11th annual Passover Celebration. Each year we invite families to come and participate in a Symbolic Passover experience with fun songs, hiding the afikomen (desert), traditional prayers, dipping food and fingers, and symbolism.

This Christ focused and family oriented experience takes about two hours.


Homeschool Dad

Neil Family, if our sole purpose of coming to Ghana was to project your Passover presentation onto the concrete wall of our living room and enjoy it together as a family, every cost and every effort would have been worth it!!! What a very special experience you have made available to us and so many others. It is amazing to observe your family chemistry and the yielding nature of each of your children as they lean to their parents in love and adoration. 

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When you register you will receive:

  1.  two articles, “Why Celebrate the Passover?” and “Wasn’t Christ the Last Passover Lamb?”
  2. a preparation checklist with Seder Plate recipes
  3. the Haggadah or program with songs and prayers to print out for each person
  4. an opportunity to purchase the complete script with minus track and the recording, plus other juicy items to help you celebrate in years to come

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