Math Three

Math Three


Triangle are far more than three lines. Learn all about the calculation of triangles PLUS how God uses three in the scriptures and how Christ uses it in his parables. We will find connections between the characteristics of the triangle and Christ and his Atonement. Over 14 hours of content.




This class focuses on the triangle and the number three. You will explore the reason for triangle and how to measure and calculate. You will observe these symbols within the scriptures, literature and history. We preform experiments, make art, and build fractals. You will come away from this class with a great appreciation of triangles and their importance in our world. The symbol of the triangle represents the first born son, Jesus Christ and his Atonement. We will explore the 12 tasks he preformed, is currently and will preform for us. Not only will you have the knowledge of using triangles in calculating height and triangulating but you will know the missions of Christ at a deeper level too. You will never look at shapes the same way again. 🙂


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