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Geometry 1 – Characteristics of God


(Previously, Symbolic Math One – Circle) Ever pondered the question, “How many circles are in your living room?” The answer blows minds. Think of round screws and nails. In this class, we discuss the power of circles, its symbolism, and characteristics. We will relate them to the characteristics of God the Father and then to ourselves. 16 total lessons. Over 16 hours of content.


Geometry 1 – Characteristics of God (Previously, Symbolic Math One – Circle)

The word circle came from the Latin word circus which means “ring” where they performed tricks with horses in an amphitheater. Practice drawing circles as you listen to the story of Giotto, an artist in the 1300’s. Look at amazing MasterPieces and see how the circle and the point play apart in art.

Have you ever studied a shape in the scriptures? How many words can you come up with that have to do with a circle? We will explore the circle in mathematics, science, literature, and art. We will discover the different Latin and Hebrew words and stories around the circle. This class is filled with activities and art projects. We will focus on self-reliance (discipline and equality) while completing the projects.


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