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  • Geometry 5 – Life and Growth

Geometry 5 – Life and Growth


Geometry 5 and Spirals of Life

Geometry 5 and Spirals of Life


Learning how to think and find patterns is one of the greatest things about learning math. The greatest, however, is how it teaches us dependence – dependence on God!
Folding a pentagon in less than 10 seconds, drawing endless pentagrams, and creating a 3D dodecahedron are just a few things you’ll do in this hands-on geometry course. We will also explore the number five throughout the scripture stories and the Hebrew Language.
We will discover the Fibonacci Sequence and spirals throughout nature and in our own kitchen. We will have Mickey Mouse be our guide throughout history and learn how the Greeks used mathematical patterns in language and music. We will become proficient at drawing and identifying the Golden Spiral. We will learn the Platonic Solids and of course, link everything we learn back to the gospel of Jesus Christ by reading conference talks with a mathematical eye.


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