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Christian History
September 2019 – April 2020
Thursdays at 9:30 AM



What does Greek philosophy have to do with Jewish tradition? How does that fit in with Christianity? We will learn about God’s hand throughout the middle ages and how everything happened to set the stage for a Restoration. We will study the great influencers in Christianity and government and the wars, the why and how. The biographies of Augustine, Erasmus, Minno Simons and Caspar von Ossig will be our character studies.


  • Theology of History, how God created and views the subject
  • Use: timelines, character reports, contrasting, definitions
  • Greek influence – Plato – Christ – Christianity – Muslim influence, wars, – etc.
  • Characters: Augustine, Erasmus, Menno Simons, Caspar von Ossig


  • History of the World Christian movement Vol 1 (first semester) Vol 2 (second semester)

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