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Language of the Scriptures (2021)


The Langauge of the Scriptures
September 20 – April 26 (all year)
Mondays, 8:30 AM
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The Language of the Scriptures
September 20 – April 25 (all year)
Mondays, 8:30 AM

Our culture has taught us to not ask questions. When we were young we are filled with questions, it is a natural process of life. But our leaders stop us for asking or give us cliché or round answers to point that we stop asking questions.

God can’t guide us if we don’t turn on the engine of our minds by asking questions. When we ponder the answers to those questions we are moving and God CAN and will guide and lead you to the answers.

In this class you will learn key words to look for when studying, the importance of a vocabulary list, sentence structures in the scriptures, how to diagram (not the same as we did in school) sentences, and analyzing complete works and parables.


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