Learning for Life Mentoring


The Learning for Life System
– 4 Month Mentoring Program (January – April 2020)

Stop wasting your time reacting! Start focusing on systems that will actually create more learning and better connections. We will help you focus skills that work so you stop wasting time on things that don’t! We train our students to think clearly, plan effectively and create masterpieces.

Do you dream about having

  • more connection
  • more learning
  • more confidence
  • more understanding with less work and study?

Create Systems

We help you create a system by turning your learning process into a habit that will allow you to have more time to create and do what you want without “worrying” about your learning.

Accelerate Your Learning

Unlike anyone else in this industry, we link every subject to God so you can focus on family and home.

World-Class Support

We’re with you every step of the way through our easy access communication channels

Live Skills Training

Two Live training seminars each week for all students.

We’ve done it and we can help you do it too!

We’re not just Trainers.
We’re a real couple who’ve built real systems for the Home and Family from the ground up.

Learning for Life Is Our Six Month Program


  • Group Mentoring, twice weekly
  • One on One, strategy sessions (once monthly for 30 minutes)
  • Live Courses (see line up for this fall)
  • Recorded Courses
  • Membership to all recordings
  • Free membership for samplings of interviews and courses

What will be covered:

  • Study Skills
  • Learning Organization
  • Group Mentoring once a week
  • Communication Practices
  • Live Courses





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