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Symbolic Math FOUR – Ray’s Practical Math


Symbolic Math FOUR focuses on the square, cube, right angles and the four corners and seasons of the Earth. Physics will be involved using solidity and volumes. Algebra will be touched on with equations and proportions. Symbolically we will discuss what it means to be in equality, plus we will study Abraham and Euclid as mathematicians. The students will come up with a project to demonstrate at the end of the semester.


  • Theology of Math, how God created and views the subject
  • Square – solidity, equality, similarity
  • Earth – seasons, directions, winds
  • Mathematics – multiples, and equations
  • Principles of the square and the number four
  • Mathematician – Euclid; Abraham;
  • Create a notebook of Math Principles

Ray’s Practical Arithmetic

  • Square Roots & Cube Roots
  • Volume measures the capacity an object can hold
  • Process of Conversion
  • Mensuration, the Art of Precision
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Interest & Discount
  •  Surveying
  • Insurance & Taxes





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