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Path of Stone Tables

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Biblical Tabernacle to Modern Temples

Ever wondered about how the Biblical Tabernacle and Modern Temples compare?
Do you want to understand Temple Symbols better?
If so, this course is for you!

There are three stone tables (alters) on the covenant path, they are in direct correlation with the three main offerings of the Old Testament. The temple is a place for us to come closer to God and for God to visit his people. The Israelites considered God’s presence dwelt in the Tabernacle. Learn the order and how these tables play a major roll in our daily devotion. Over the seven weeks, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the Tabernacle, the Israelites and God’s Holy days. Increase your understanding of temple covenants, high priest clothing, and an increased connection to God and His Son, Jesus Christ. The Sabbath Day, the Sacrament and the covenant path will be the themes throughout the course. Everyone who has taken this course has come away amazed and filled with a greater love for God, His house, their covenant path, and the three main offerings.

A few questions we will answer:  What do sacrifices and our personal prayers have to do with each other? Have you ever thought about how the outer walls are related to the scriptures? Why is there a horn in the initiatory room? What are the three entrances into the tabernacle and into heaven? Did you know the colors of the tabernacle are the colors of many of the modern flags?

Fourteen 1 Hour Recorder Lessons*

*Available to you anytime on our website.

Class Schedule Introduction: Overview of Class

  1. The Plan of Salvation: The Creation ~ The Fall ~ The Atonement ~ Alters ~ Sacrifices ~ the presence of God (Shekinah)
  2. The Biblical Tabernacle: Israelite Camp ~ Complex ~ How the sacrifices were performed “God is in the Details of our Lives”
  3. Roles:  Israelites, Priests & High Priest ~ Priest’s clothing ~ Ordination of Priest
  4. True Offerings: Types ~ Structure of an Ordinance ~ Covenants ~ Basic Symbolic Components
  5. The Path of Stone Tables: Sin Offering ~ Burnt Offering ~ Peace Offering
  6. The Outer Court: The Curtain ~ Scrolls ~ The Gate
  7. The Sin Offering: the Brazen Alter ~ Faith ~ Repentance
  8. The Laver: Baptism ~ Born Again ~ Initiatory: Washings ~ The Horn ~ Anointings ~ clothing of High Priest
  9. The Inner Court: Coverings ~ Colors ~ Door ~ The Holy Room
  10. The Burnt Offering: Five Progressive Covenants
  11. The Menorah: Light and Knowledge ~ Gift of the Holy Ghost
  12. The Table of Shew Bread: Covenants of Manna, Unleavened Bread & Passover
  13. The Prayer Alter: types of prayers ~ Receiving Answers
  14. The Peace Offering: the covenant of Fellowship ~ Essence of Fellowship ~ Calling and Election made sure
  15. The Holy of Holies: The veil, Arc of the Covenant, Day of Atonement


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