Video Interview Scheduling

Video Interview Scheduling

We are excited to interview you in your area of expertise and video record your story. To schedule your video interview, please begin by choosing your time zone. You’ll then be taken to a calendar to choose the date and time of your video interview.

Conference Details

Thank you for considering being a presenter at the Called to Learn of Christ Curriculum Conference!

This curriculum conference will focus on teaching about our Savior through academic subjects and intrinsic values. If this is something you’re interested in please follow these steps:
  1. Please read the information below so you are completely informed.
  2. Choose a subject and/or value and teach us how to become like or get closer to Christ using that subject/value and/or how to apply it in daily life. Or you may use the topic we thought of for you. 
  3. Fill out the form and choose a time to record


  • The recording will take place in June and July.
  • The Conference will Air August 20 – 25.
  • Sponsorships are available until August 15.
Possible Topics:
Each day will focus on a specific subject and a value that will bring us closer to and more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Possible Subjects:
  • Religion – “All things unto me are spiritual” D&C 29:34
  • Math – “All things are numbered unto me” Moses 1:33
  • Science – “All things in heaven, earth, under the earth” D&C 88:79
  • Language– Be “Acquainted with Language” D&C 59:15
  • History– Have a “Knowledge of History” D&C 93:53
  • Music – “Sing Praises to the Lord.” Psalms 9:11
  • Literature– “Acquainted with all good books” D&C 90:15
  • Geography– “Knowledge of Countries” D&C 93:53
  • Art – “Behold the beauty of the Lord” Psalms 27:4
  • Lost Arts – “Things most Precious” D&C 101:32-34 (patriotism, grace, meekness, hospitality)
  • Keep the Sabbath Day Holy (the DO’s)
  • Mix and match of many different subjects
  • Tools – “Prepare every needful Thing” D&C 88:118-120
Possible Values:
  • Learn to increase your testimony of God and develop a closer relationship with Him.
  • Learn to develop life-enhancing talents.
  • Know the heart of your children and they know yours.
  • Learn how to apply scriptures to everyday life.
  • Learn to think and be self-governed.
  • Learn how to ask quality questions
  • Learn how to sacrifice ones time and talents.
  • Learn how to lose oneself in service for others.
  • Learn how to search the scriptures and ponder.
Our current thought is each day of the conference will begin with God’s purpose for that topic, then continues with principles in the topic, the subject and value within the scriptures and ends with LDS (and other) resources for that topic and value.
Why a Curriculum Conference?
It is time for us to follow the example of the church and improve the teaching in our home. Elder Holland in this last conference paraphrased Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the most memorable moments in life are those in which we feel the rush of revelation.” We want our children to receive more “rushes of revelation” so they can have many memories (evidence) to help them increase their faith throughout their life.
There is a need in the community for more curriculum choices that teach of Christ through specific subjects – not teaching individual subjects independent of God. We want our children to “know Christ” and to have more spiritual experiences than negative, confusing experiences that fill the world today. We want them to recognize how the spirit speaks to them – how they receive revelation. We believe we can do this by focusing all learning at home on Christ and using the subjects as tools that help us understand and become like Christ.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has provided us with many resources to use in helping teach our children in our callings but more importantly at home! We want you to share with us how you use these resources in your homeschooling.
About the Audience
You will be speaking to an LDS Homeschool Audience. Each day will focus on a value and a tool that will lead us to Christ. For instance, there will be a day where we talk about the value of personal sacrifice and the tool or subject of Literature.
About the Video Recording:
Interview Style
This is a video recording.
This is will be recorded as an Interview Style. Please come prepared with your topic, lesson, and resources. You may choose a comfortable interview style.
  1. You teach us as if we are your students, we will ask questions as if a student.
  2. You teach us as if we are other parents hungry for your information, we will ask questions as if a new homeschool parent.
  3. We will ask you questions about your presentation (see below) and you answer them according to your preparations.
Remember you are speaking to a large online audience. Prepare your presentation as if you were in the City of Enoch or a prophet pointing out Christ’s way or Jesus teaching the Saints about his creations.
Possible Questions we will ask
  • What is God’s Purpose for (your topic)?
  • How do you learn of Christ in (your topic)?
  • What values can be taught from (your topic)?
  • What principle of (your topic) has impacted your life the most?
  • How do you get young children or multi-aged children interested in (your topic)
  • How do you recommend families implement or apply (your topic)
  • What resources do you recommend? Can you find your topic on scriptures? If so, where/how?
  • How does your curriculum lead us to/testify of Christ? If you don’t have a curriculum we’ll ask about the subject you are teaching.
Lighting, Location, and Sound
  • You may come to our home in Orem Utah to video record your session or meet with us online via Zoom.
  • To make this the best possible video, for those of you using Zoom, we ask that you have good lighting and sound. Thom will guide you if you have any questions with environment, lighting, and sound
  • Prior to the recording, those of you using Zoom, choose a nice, quiet setting. We will send you the Zoom link about one hour prior to your recording.
  • Those of you choosing to record in person, the environment, lighting, and sound are already taken care of. 🙂
What to Expect at the Recording
You will prepare your lesson/presentation. On the day of your scheduled appointment, you will come in or meet online. No need to be nervous this is simple and comfortable. Thom will check your sound and lighting and tell you what to expect. Next, we will begin the interview – I will begin by introducing you and then asking you about your topic. We will continue to “chat” for about 45 minutes and then conclude. We will organize the video and will let you know the very day and time your video will be aired in August and invite you to tell others about your presentation.
Offer Your Product/Service
If you have a product or service to sell we will conclude by talking about that product or service. Each presentation will be available to watch for free for 24 hours – most parents watch them late at night or early in the morning. This allows more people to learn from you and get to know you. Those that purchase the conference will have a lifetime access to your presentation and your introduction to your product/service.
As Sponsors
Each presentation will be sponsored by a school, company or individual. We invite you to sponsor your own presentation and others if you feel the desire.
This includes your (or your company) name and logo at the top of each video you sponsor. A video (you provide) under your presentation that demonstrates what you are selling or providing. There will be a link directly under that video to the “vendor hall” where you will have a private page with all your information (you provide) about your product and/or services with a promo code (if you desire) and a link to your website so they can go there to purchase your items.
Here is what the page with a sponsorship will look like:
This is a great opportunity to tell LDS homeschoolers about you, your products, or to introduce them to new products and services. The cost is $100 per sponsorship.

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