Have you Been Trained to Blindly Obey?

Have you Been Taught Not to ask questions?

The Lord Only teaches and guilds us when we Ask Honest questions. 

"Ye ought to search the scriptures" Alma 33:2



Search the Scriptures

An Live, Online Course

Satan Stifles questions 

God encourages Questions


Have you ever taught a class where you ask a question and no one answers?

Our current culture has taught us to not to answer or ask questions.

As children we are filled with questions, it is a natural process of life. But our parents/leaders stifled our questions by giving us cliché or round answers training us to stop asking questions (I’ve caught myself falling into this trap as a parent too).

In this course I'll show you how to search for meaning, how to slow down your study to observe language, to ask questions about your observations, and to find meaning.

God can't guide us if we don't turn on the engine of our minds by asking questions. When we ponder the answers to those questions we are “moving" and God can only guide us when our engine is engaged.

Search the Scriptures
August 17th - 28th 2020

You will receive a recording of the key pattern of learning and language foundations to watch before the class.
In the live classes you will learn:

Thom and Tresta are wonderful and inspiring people!! The thoughts that they shared about the sacrificial alter were so profound to both my husband and I. We especially felt such peace and inspiration as we discussed the idea of offering verses sacrificing as a verb. I thank them for enlightening us so much every time we "meet"!

Arit - Mom

This class was engaging and taught within the context of the gospel as Tresta brings in concepts of the plan of salvation to tie it all to the gospel and truth. They teach with love and encourage curiosity and questions. They are organized and prepared and engaging and bring the most exciting and interesting parts out of the text.

Jenn - Musician & Mom

Tresta truly celebrates the smallest triumphs and teaches you how to accept and rejoice in the blessings you receive. I recommend Tresta to anyone. She understands LDS doctrine, she does not over-proclaim or step beyond boundaries, she points you toward the scriptures, church leaders, apostles, prophets. She simply teaches how to seek and how recognize when you have received. I owe a great deal of thanks to her!

Sharee - Photographer


While learning the techniques of Searching, you will discover Doctrines and Principles and 

Answers to Questions like these:

  • What is the "spirit of revelation"?
  • What does the word "it" refer to in D&C 9 "study it out in your mind"?
  • What does it mean to have "faith as a mustard seed"?
  • What is the "seed" we are planting in our hearts in Alma 32 (it is not faith)?
  • Who does the "sacrificial lamb" represent (not just Christ)?
  • What are the Aaronic and Melchizedek levels of the word "virtue"?
  • How does "deep sleep" and "chains of hell" relate?
  • Why did the Israelites use a "hyssop" to brush the lambs blood on their doorways?
  • Do we follow the "Passover" celebration today?
  • Who did God say our "neighbor" is (It's not what you think)?
  • What is the spirit of apostasy?
  • What war is really being talked about in D&C 87?
  • What does the word "righteous" mean (probably not what you think)?

What are we seaching for when we

seach the scriptures?


Overview of the Course


Moduel 1:

  • Key Pattern of Learning (pre-rec)
  • Language Foundations (pre-rec)
  • Overview of the class
  • Notes and Vocabulary Lists
  • Writing out Questions

Moduel 2:
Learn How to Search

  • Practice Being Curious
  • What are you searching for?
  • Open your mind with questions
  • Using and accepting correct answers
  • Flow of Logic

Moduel 3:
Understand the Details

  • The use of Sounds
  • Question the Words
  • Identify, Analyze and Context
  • Question the answers till they become real
  • Discover and Apply Principles

    Moduel 4:
    Wisdom in Searching

  • Phrases & clauses
  • Sentences & diagraming
  • Search for Symbolism & patterns
  • Whole & mini sermons 
  • Communication
  • Bonuses!


    List of Common Symbols

    This is my list of symbols and their meanings I’ve compiled over the past 20 years.


    Theology Tree

    This accompanies the Theology Tree book and course and will be a great reference to you as a learner and a teacher.


    Key Pattern of
    Learning Poster

    This accompanies the Key Pattern of Learning book and course. It will be a great reference and teaching tools for you to use.


    How to Give
    a Talk

    This is a mini course on some suggestions for improving your talks in church. 


    We are offering this course
    for only $57

    Got Questions? Great!

    What is the definition of "therefore" in the scriptures?

    Do I need to know English grammar for this class?

    What questions do I ask when searching the scriptures?

    Do I have to attend all the LIVE Lessons?


    About Your Mentor, Tresta

    Tresta Neil is a mother of eight darling children and many borrowed children. Her husband introduced her to the idea of homeschooling after her fourth was born and she thought he was crazy. Twenty years later she is a strong advocate for homeschooling. She currently teaches online classes in language, math, science, symbology, constellations, and addiction prevention. She is a mentor for homeschool mothers and their parenting/schooling/mental needs. Her favorite homeschool subject is symbolic math. She graduated from BYUI and Weber State University before her mission to the Netherlands. Her mission president used her nursing skills in the field. She is the author of God Saw That It Was Good and other homeschooling books. She directs homeschool and other faith promoting events. She is the co-founder of Called to Learn, restoring and preserving Gospel culture of learning patterned after the temple, with her husband, Thom. She and her son, Izaak, have a podcast called, Gospel Theory. Her passion is teaching, writing, and telling God’s Story. If you ask her about her most embarrassing moment she will tell you a story about sitting on a cactus. :) 


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