Called to Learn

Code of Conduct for 2023-24

We seek to restore and preserve the gospel culture of learning

patterned after the temple of our Lord. This righteous culture helps us all become

dedicated seekers of truth, keepers of His temple, and teachers of peace.


As part of the Called to Learn Academy community, we strive for all to follow the guidelines as found in For the Strength of Youth booklet. We seek to create a school culture that is welcoming to all and we seek to have integrity in all that we do. As an online school, we will pursue disciplinary action for infractions as outlined below.


Academic Integrity

Academic integrity refers to the expectation that students will complete and submit their schoolwork with honesty. When a student submits an assignment from Called to Learn Academy, it is understood that the work was completed independently, without assistance from other students, adults, or online resources when applicable. Academic integrity is the commitment and demonstration of honest behavior in a school setting.

Students who plagiarize the work of others or cheat will be subject to disciplinary action. The following are the steps Called to Learn Academy will take as a response to plagiarism or cheating of any sort:

  1. The teacher(s) will inform the student of the incident and invite them to review information about plagiarism or cheating.
  2. Future incidents of plagiarism or cheating will include meeting with the student and at least one parent. This may also include the completion of an assignment designed to evaluate the understanding of plagiarism and/or cheating. 
  3. Serious and repetitive incidents of plagiarism or cheating may be grounds for a permanent suspension from Called to Learn Academy.


Language and Communication

We strive to create a sense of community within Called to Learn Academy, and this includes the students developing friendships that extend beyond the bounds of live classes and official lines of communication with the school. We invite all students to help create a welcoming school environment. This includes using language that is not vulgar, offensive, or hurtful during class or at any time when communicating with others. Students who use inappropriate or hurtful language will be subject to disciplinary action. The following are the steps Called to Learn Academy will take:

  1. The teacher will request that you stop and apologize to the party or parties.
  2. You will meet with one of the directors outside of class to discuss the situation and to make a written plan for how to avoid future incidences. 
  3. If the situation continues, the director will meet with the student and at least one parent, with a temporary suspension from live classes for one week with a request for a written letter of how the student will improve.
  4. If the inappropriate language continues in live classes beyond this point, a permanent suspension from Called to Learn Academy may result for the student.



Called to Learn Academy students agree not to engage in any form of bullying behavior. Bullying is unwanted aggression that involves a real or perceived power, an imbalance. This behavior is typically repeated over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and consciously excluding someone from a group. Called to Learn Academy is committed to each student’s success in learning within a caring, responsive, and safe environment that is free of bullying. Each student at Called to Learn Academy has a right to learn in a safe and friendly place and to be treated with respect. Students who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action as follows:

  1. The director will invite the student to review the bullying policy and to create a written plan for correcting the issue. 
  2. Future incidents will include an interview with the student and at least one parent to create an additional written plan for correcting the issue.
  3. Serious and repetitive incidents of bullying may be grounds for a permanent suspension from Called to Learn Academy.


Dress and Appearance

Students will choose appropriate and modest apparel when participating in live classes and Called to Learn Academy tours and events. A student’s dress and appearance should reflect respect and dignity - nothing low cut, tank tops, off the shoulder, midriff showing, or anything cut higher than knees - keep your shoulders, chest, stomach covered. If a student dresses inappropriately or offensively for a live class, tour, or event, the following actions will be taken:

  1. The student will privately be asked to dress in an appropriate manner and the student will be asked to review the Dress and Appearance section as stated above.
  2. Further instances may include speaking with the student and parents and a written plan for correcting the issue.


Online Etiquette

Students will attend all live classes, have their cameras on, participate in class discussions, and answer and ask questions when appropriate.

Please keep yourself muted unless you are called on or have a comment or question.

The "Chat" is available to make comments and to answer questions, it is not a place to vent or to continually say silly things. Please use it appropriately or the teacher will shut it down. Be respectful of others' time and opinions.

"Backgrounds" are appropriate to hide family members behind you or show your individuality. They are not to be used to communicate inappropriate behavior or have inappropriate images. If they are distracting or inappropriate or used too often in class, the teacher will ask you to turn them off.


Grading and Accountability

The school is designed for the whole family and in different circumstances. Your options are:

  1. Apprentice Level - attend and participate in classes and have a parent hold you accountable for the assignments given by the teacher
  2. Journeyman Level - attend and participate in classes and turn in and have the teacher grade and hold you accountable for assignments given
  3. Master Level - do everything of Journeyman Level plus lead more discussions, more writing assignments, and opportunities to teach and guide
  4. Family Level - where you attend and participate in classes and have a parent(s) give you assignments and hold you accountable


Online Recordings

Students and Parents of Called to Learn Academy agree to have their name, voice, and image on video and/or audio recording. They grant Called to Learn Academy full, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, and irrevocable license to share the live class recordings with other students enrolled in Called to Learn Academy. CTLA may showcase examples of student work or other online channels, they grant permission for Called to Learn Academy to showcase their submissions on its website, yearbook, or other online channels. 



We the Family have discussed the above terms. We agree to strive to follow Gospel standards in language, music, media, dress, etc. at all times and in all places. We also agree to treat fellow classmates and teachers with respect and kindness. We commit to refrain from engaging in ANY form of bullying, unkindness, and/or hurtful behavior at any time.



The family representative signing this document affirms that all students and parents have reviewed, understand, and agree with the contents of this agreement.

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