Gospel Theory Podcast

Finding the truth of Jesus Christ amidst rumors, myths, and incorrect definitions.


With information at our finger tips it is difficult to find truth. There are those that tell us commandments confine us or be yourself by following your own will and not God's will. It can be confusing because we don't remember who we are. In this podcast Tresta and Izaak attempt to help guide you through the muddle of the myths and rumors by giving you clear definitions, stories directly from the scriptures and history, and
In this podcast Tresta introduces and teaches Izaak the word of the week. She loves to catch him off guard by asking him question that he may not know. Izaak is a trooper. They are a good team together.


Tresta and her oldest, son Izaak use to butt heads constantly. They disagreed on almost everything. When Izaak left home Tresta felt relief, the house got quiet, and she spent more time with the other children. They both were unsure that their relationship would ever heal.
Fast forward a few years. Izaak approached his mother and asked her to do a podcast together. He would produce it and she could come up with the content. She felt honored and asked, "why." He said, "Because I am ready to learn what you have to teach me."

Latest Podcast Episodes

It takes a lot more than the Heart and Mind to know if something is right. Our hearts and minds can be and are deceived all the time. So then what can we trust if not our Minds and Hearts? In this podcast, we tell you the answer and maybe it might help you on your mission God has called you to do.

The church always talks about the importance of self-reliance. However, church leaders don’t do a whole lot of explaining why it’s important. In this podcast, we will be exploring the definition of “Role” and “Self-Reliance” to find the meaning behind the application of self-reliance.

A lot of members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints believe that it is not ok to doubt the church. Well, what is the truth? In this podcast, we discuss this very question. This is an episode you don’t want to miss. The answer will definitely surprise you.

Unfortunately, a lot of members of the church and Christians believe that suicide is considered murder in God’s eyes. This is not true. In this special episode of Gospel Theory, we explore the reasons why people kill themselves and how we can help prevent it. We also talk about good parenting skills that will help you as a parent become better.

There is a lot of speculation inside the church as to what will happen to us in the afterlife. We all know that we will have judgment day and be resurrected but will there be progression after? What will life be like in the afterlife? We explore these questions and more in this week’s Gospel Theory.

We all have a very different way of looking at the world. We have different philosophies and Ideas but why do we think that way? In this podcast, we will be going over the western way of thinking and the eastern way of thinking and how it relates to our own personal beliefs.

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God We Trust. In this episode, we will be discussing the importance of the definition of God.  And why it is so important that we all have the same definition.

Do we as the restored gospel of Christ really believe in one God or multiple Gods? The answer might surprise you. In this podcast, we talk about the definition of god and explore Greek mythology to find the answer.

Everyone’s goal is to be like God. But is that the right goal you should has members of his church? You’ll find out in this episode. You’ll discover how to become like Christ and why it’s important. And is God a Jealous God?