Homeschool Stories

The shortest distance between two people is a story.

We have interviewed people that have shared their story and feelings about education at home. Our goal is to record 500 stories and have them on the site for your enjoyment, encouragement and for you to use as a resource. 

Homeschooled as Youth Stories

Hannah Stoddard

Izaak Neil

Addy Eisenach

Jacob Householder

Matteo Neil

Homeschooling Stories

Homeschool’s Gift of Time
Marlene Peterson

Sharee Jones

ToriAnn Perkey

Mark & Jolyne Fincher

Karen Bates

Amy Hansen

Lily Herrmann

Lori Tidwell

Tammy Ward

Heidi Lathen

Tresta Neil

Brenda Haws

Mary Ann Johnson

Marlene Fletcher

Justin Garn

Belinda Ballentyne

Ali Eisenach

Nicholeen Peck

Jenny Baker

Christopher Hurtado

Heidi Weyland

Week Long Field Trips

Danielle Huff

Livia Pewtress

Donna Goff

Molly Christensen

Aneladee Milne

Becky Rogers

Blaine & Audrey Rindlisbacher

Heidi Totten

Dianne McLean

Other Called to Learn Stories

Kami Mitchell


Jeanie Cisco-Meth

Alex Speiser

David & Michelle Neil

David Barker

Nancy Sorenson


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