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Armor of God Video Course

Armor of God Video Course Gift

Associates Degree

Want your children to be more engaged in learning? Want your children to listen to what you’re teaching them? Then make sure you include three important elements in every learning opportunity.

Fact is, there is so much coming at children these days. We’re always fighting for their attention. So don’t forget you have to “sell” the value of what you are teaching them – even when you think they are not watching. If you don’t they will skim over, gloss over or ignore what you are teaching them. Everything we do needs to first hook their attention, then communicate the reason why it matters for them. Then, deliver value with the spirit.


  • Hook with curiosity
  • Reason why
  • Value with spirit

When you keep this simple 3-step formula in mind with everything you do, they will pay attention and be engaged in everything you share.

Start creating more curiosity today, watch this 3 minute video.

Video – join our free associate program and spark their curiosity and watch real learning happen. If you really want to ignite curiosity and strengthen your foundation join our Bachelor program.


Welcome to the free Curiosity (associates) Path. This degree is set up to encourage curiosity in yourself and your children.

Why is Curiosity so important you ask? We ask a question in return – Can any true learning take place without first being curious about the subject? We believe the answer is NO. Curiosity is about touching the heart, being inspired, entertaining questions that arise, listening to good, moral stories, hearing good music, seeing engaging presentations, etc.

Have you ever had your children act like they are bored or zoned out while you are teaching them?

What will get their attention? Build their curiosity? If these are the questions you are asking this is the place for you.

When you are passionate about what you are teaching you ignite their curiosity and learning happens.

There are 5 core areas of curiosity:

  1. Learning Mastery
  2. Spiritual Growth
  3. Character Development
  4. Family Relationships
  5. Home Education

You may choose one topic or go through all of them in order. Each area has videos, audios and some handout of past LDS conferences.

Also, you will be able to:

  • attend the live conferences
  • View the highlighted monthly guest presenter
  • Receive discount on paid products

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