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86% of those who feel the calling to homeschool quit in the first three years!

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We Have All Witnessed This!

 Why so many?
Why are they giving up?

When we first started homeschooling we were filled with wonder and vision of happy, smart, social children. Within the first years, the excitement fades and we begin to wonder if we’ll get through all the plans we made at the beginning.

The BIG Lie

For years we have been taught that there is a separation between God and schools. We have believed this lie to the point where many Christians don’t know how God fits into Math or History.

Here is what we fight against:

  • Family and Friends telling us to put them back in school
  • Questions fill our mind, “Is this the right thing?” “Will I ruin them?” “Am I giving them everything I need?” “Will they ‘make it’ in the real world?” “Are they behind?”
  • The public opinion is to keep them in public school.
  • The relationship between us and our child becomes strained because of how we are teaching them.

We have all been there and felt this way at some point. It doesn’t have to be that way. We want to share with you some insights to make a little shift in perspective and you can have an increase of energy and joy that will help you through the hard times.


What if you:

  • Could confidently teach God’s purpose for every subject
  • Could hear from those that have “made it” their children are thriving, righteous adults
  • Could instill a love of God and country more abundantly
  • And your children knew how to recognize and apply righteous principles easily
  • Knew how to recognize the poisonous literature and inoculate against it
  • Knew how to recognize the genius in each child
  • Knew how to help foster a strong relationship between God and your child

Sounds too Good
to be True, Right?

It really isn’t. Let’s start at the beginning. You are following the spirit to educate your own children and have taken that responsibility to impact and strengthen your family you already are doing great!!!

Your impact will not only affect your family but your community as well.

We have interviewed dozens of homeschoolers throughout the nation and hosted eight homeschool conferences. We have asked them how they made it through the rough times and the nagging questions. We have put them all in the Called to Learn Library for you to view and glean from.  There are homeschooling stories, tips and full presentations from the past eight homeschool conferences and interviews. They will inspire you, encourage you, fill you with wonder and give you new ideas. We encourage you to listen to and/or watch as many as you’d like – make the small changes that you are inspired to do. These little shifts in perspective will help you get through the hard times with a smile on your face and happy children around you.

Your children will thank you and bless your name because you are taking the time to make these small shifts that will make all the difference in the end.

~ Small Shifts ~

We discovered “Small Shifts” was all we needed to make a huge difference in our homeschool. This has helped us continue homeschooling. Here are some of the Small Shifts we made because we watched these videos!

Small Shift #1

We didn’t have a good accountability system in place. One sister taught us how she kept track of her children’s learning, how to keep it really simple and make it easy for the children to grade themselves in participation and attitude. We adopted this idea and it has made a huge difference in our home. Our children now look back on their records with joy and have some fun stories.

Just watched a video doing family history while learning about the history of the world ….very pithy content with so much to digest and put to work! I really want my husband and sister, who does not homeschool, to watch it. Thanks again for following the spirit and giving us this [information]!!

Jennifer Hahn

You can have access to dozens of Interviews and hundreds of audios from Gospel Directed Homeschoolers for $14.97 a month.

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Dear Friend,

We are the parents of eight children. When we had four young children I asked Tresta what she thought of the idea to homeschool. It may have been bad timing — she said, “No, way!”

I was bullied, teased, put down until I believed I was of no worth. I didn’t want our children to experience the bad social life in school.

Tresta had many friends and had lots of fun in school. She didn’t want our children to miss out on the positive social aspects of school.

We were at a impasse.

We Came Together

Over the next several months we discussed our concerns. When we talked about a true education, we both admitted that we didn’t feel we had a great education. In fact, we felt cheated in our education. It didn’t prepare us for life. Here we were graduates but didn’t feel like we knew or remembered anything of importance that we would want to pass on to our children.

We decided we needed help and attended a small homeschool conference and asked many questions. The answers to the social question never satisfied us. However, what did amaze us was the idea that you could teach spirituality and academics together.

We came home with different questions than those with which we went.

Questions like:

  • How do you bridge the gap between School and the Gospel and teach them as one?
  • Could our children live in the world, receive a gospel-directed education and not stand out?” (will they be weird?)
  • Could we go back and get a better education ourselves?

From our tiny bit of research available to us at the time, we narrowed the methods down to three choices –

  • Classical plan – filled with Greek philosophy
  • Traditional plan – only sprinkled with scripture
  • Principle plan – filled with God’s purpose and scriptures, but without LDS doctrine.

After prayer and a few miraculous conversations God directed us to LuJean, a empty nester who cared about education and taught the Gospel intermixed with school subjects.

We felt we were on the right track. Our children started seeing Christ within nature and His hand in the lives of the characters in the books we were reading.

Because of what LuJean taught us we wrote our own gospel-directed guide books- The Theology Tree, grafting education back to its true source.

Then our son begged us to go to public school. We were saddened and skeptical but knew he was unhappy. We thought he was really spiritually and socially so we enrolled him, part-time. He was shocked at how the students treated the teachers and stood up to them, he soon had a bad reputation among his peers and they started locking him in closets and pushing him around. The teachers loved him, he was a good student, but they couldn’t protect him – still, he wanted to stay in.

Over the years he changed – withdrew himself from us – became addicted to pornography. His hatred for himself became so bad that he could no longer live with us and he moved out – dropped out of school and church.

We understand that everyone has their path to take and that our son will grow from these experiences.

However, it made us reexamine our approach – was there something more or different we could do in our homeschooling that could help strengthen our other children?

We concluded that we needed to teach Christ through the subjects, not just the subjects with Christ added. We took learning to a new level – new to us, for sure!

Christ was our ONLY Curriculum!

Elder Holland had said we need to help our youth gain a strong relationship with Christ – this was the ONLY way to keep them. Christ is the ONLY one who can help them through trials, transfers and transitions. Basically he is their and our ONLY hope.

How would we know if it was working? We learned that we can’t assume our children are converted. We must assume they are not until they show the fruits of conversion which include:

  1. Pray on their own
  2. Seek for personal revelation for their problems and questions on their own
  3. Study scriptures on their own
  4. Talk often of their experiences with Christ – tell His story through their lives
  5. Use the language of the gospel (our mother tongue) in their everyday language
  6. Want to keep the Sabbath Day holy (letting God know you’re serious)
  7. Obey their parents
  8. Seek for opportunities to serve
  9. KNOW Christ

We went back to our The Theology Tree, Grafting Education Back to its True Source and adjusted it to focus on teaching Christ as the core curriculum. We changed its title to The Theology Tree, Teaching Christ Through Academic Learning.

The results were astounding. Our focus changed and so did our children. They were showing the fruits of true conversions. The day I was convinced this was truly working was when I asked my teenaged daughter to teach the youth classes in our co-op. She agreed. I sat in the classroom with her and each day she would teach a new concept, asked the class to point to Christ and bear testimony and share her experiences and journey to know Christ. She spoke of her special time in the scriptures every morning.

Another son, who had been bullied quite severely by his deacon quorum at a scout camp asked me if he could throw a party and have that specific group of boys over. I agreed. They said yes and we spent the day in team building games and my son forgave them.

Our son that left home, came to us one day and said, “I think God wants me to move to Idaho and go to BYUI.” and he did, he turned around his life, got into pathways, then into BYUI, married in the temple and is loving his life and what he’s learning in college.

We know this doesn’t guarantee that another one of our children won’t stray, but what we do know for sure is that we have done our very best to supply our children with the best knowledge they can have to “make it” in the “ever-darkening” world – the ONLY way – their relationship and communication with Jesus Christ.

Yes, YOU can be the parent who knows they have done ALL they can to help their children keep their faith in Jesus Christ.

With this small shift, YOU, too can be at peace.

With Increased Love and Learning,

Thom and Tresta Neil

We have a large audio library of gospel-directed homeschoolers from around the nation who have spoken at our LDS Homeschool Conferences. With this membership you will have access to all of their experiences and ideas.

Recently we started video interviewing gospel-directed homeschoolers around the country asking them to share their insights in bridging the gap between School and the Gospel. There are now hundreds of videos in the Called to Learn University Library. You can have access to them with your library access membership.

To help make it more useful we organized it into 5 sections: spiritual growth, character development  specific subjects in home education and learning tools. There is also a search, so you can find specific videos.

We asked them questions like:

How do you implement the Gospel into your academic learning?
How do you use Gospel symbols in teaching, learning and studying?
How do your older children demonstrate their increased faith in Christ?
Give us an example of how your testimony has grown since teaching this way?
Give us an example of how your children are strengthening their relationship with the Savior through learning academics with the Gospel?
What “lesson plans” or systems can you share with us that is working currently in your Gospel-centered learning?

Small Shift #2

One small shift that resulted in watching these videos was learning how to self-govern while doing math. This concept was new at first and our children were hesitant but willing to try. On about the fourth day, I felt it was going really well. My youngest son who sat quietly at his desk working on his math gave himself a “one” for “practicing self-government.” I was surprised and asked why? “Because, I didn’t get much work done”, he had daydreamed the whole time. He understood what self-government was, without us teaching it directly to him.

“Earlier this week cameras were brought into Vic’s amazing office/library where he was interviewed as a keynote speaker for the Called to Learn Conference.  His presentation was about “Principles for Learning Truth”.  This talk will be part of a gospel-centered online event. This conference is primarily geared for homeschoolers, but others might find it interesting as well.”

Cheryl Ludlow

You can have access to dozens of Interviews and hundreds of audios from Gospel Directed Homeschoolers for $14.97 a month.

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You know how Napoleon Hill went around interviewing over 5000 successful people to discover the formula for true and lasting success and wrote the most often used and quoted success book of our time?

We, too, want to interview hundreds if not thousands of homeschool families to discover those little shifts we can make in our family life to bring us true and lasting joy and peace, who knows we may even write a book about it someday.

Currently we’ve gathered dozens of stories (still wanting more – I’m sure you’re interested) available in Called to Learn University for you to find your small shifts.

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Introducing The Called to Learn University

Library Access

We have interviewed Gospel-directed homeschoolers
throughout the United States to bring you this amazing membership site.
At Called to Learn You Will Find:

  • Short presentations
  • 1/2 day seminars
  • Homeschool stories
  • Answers to Gospel-Centered Home
  • Learning questions
  • Hour-long interviews
  • Achieves of our video podcasts
  • Mini-courses
  • Past LDS Homeschool Conference audios

Categorized into these five topics:

  1. Spiritual Growth
  2. Personal Development
  3. Family Relationships
  4. Home Learning
  5. How to Increase in Learning

Hurry before this amazing offer ends

Small Shift #3

Another small shift came from an interview we had with an experienced mom with learning disabled children. We struggle with teaching a son who had a stroke. She taught how she used rhythm with her children. So we adopted that idea too. Sure enough, our son started picking up the rhythms and beats we were pounding out with our hands together as a family and his reading greatly improved in days. Such a blessing to our family!


“My wife and I do not have children, but as we watched these presentations, I find that there is so much I am learning about ways I can improve my personal learning and improve my relationships with others.”


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Gospel Directed Learning is not a new concept – the pilgrims, our forefathers and the pioneers all used the Scriptures as the main text for school subjects.

With computers and other technology, we can access, cross reference and compare faster than ever. Learning about Christ while studying academics is easier than ever before. The church provides us with many, MANY incredible resources and helps (have you seen their new youtube station?)

Yet, the decision to teach Gospel-directed courses at home is still difficult.

Other membership sites charge $29-39 a month. We want you to give it to you for $14.97. You will also receive free access to all the new interviews and all the videos from our conferences.

Access to dozens of Interviews and hundreds of audios from Gospel Directed Homeschoolers for $14.97 a month

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Here is what others have said about what they’ve learned from these parents:

“These are great presentations. The faith aspect has touched me the most. Having trust in Heavenly Father and the need to build our relationship with Him is key.”


Thank so much.  [The videos on the website are the] deep soul food, My heart had been craving.  I soaked it up ?❤️  looking forward to more.  Thanks for the light and learning 🙂

Wendy Armour

Thanks for your insights and platform for teaching others! We live in Kelowna where there are very few members, ie: my son is basically the only active priest in our ward. So it is nice to tap into the strength of LDS communities wherever we can find it. 

Coleen Bates

Small Shift #4

A small shift came in the form of stories. One interviewee said, “The Holy Ghost can only testify of truth”, so he made sure his stories were true. He said he would go through his journals to make sure his stories were accurate or he’d have his friends write down the stories he wanted to share so he would only share the truth. This affected me. I was always telling stories – were mine exaggerated or changed to fit the mood? I now strive make sure my stories are true and lead to Christ and not the world.

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