Summer Math

Learn God's Characteristics through Math

Summer Math!

What a concept!

Who would purposefully choose to learn math during the summer?

YOU would!

Because this is not like any other math class out there.

About this class:

This class is filled with activities and stories and learning all done in class - no homework.

  • This is an eight week pilot class for the whole family. It will take place online (or in person if you can) twice a week for 30 - 45 minutes.
  • The cost is $50 per family for all 16 classes.
  • We will meet in the mornings every Monday and Wednesday for eight weeks, starting July 2 (skipping the 4th).


I'm looking for families that can attend at least 60% of the time (including at least one parent), participate in activities and give feed back after each class on the classes and the overall course.

The purpose of this class


Gain a stronger relationship with, and understanding of God the Father


Turn on the enthusiasm for math


Show personal application for math


Demonstrate that you CAN do math, because it's not just about worksheets (computations)


How to find principles


Find solutions for modern concerns


Create your own problems and find solutions and vice versa.


See and feel how God used Math everywhere!


AND learn all about the geometry of the circle.

Supplies you'll need:

  • scrap paper to practice on
  • a notebook for notes and vocabulary (composition book) OR plain paper to add to a 3 ring binder
  • Math compass
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Printer to print off the activity each week
  • Other household items:
  • Each lesson may have extra things and you'll get a supply list before class. For example to make a fan you'll need a push pin and a pencil with an eraser. Or for circles you'll need a can or cup and a string.

Outline Titles: (it may change as the class progresses):

  •  - Introduction to math instruments and symbolic art
  •  - the point and the circle; the story of Giotto
  •  - Is there a beginning to a circle?
  •  - What has a center?
  •  - Practicing Godhood and drawing the Universe
  •  - The Circle of Influence and the parent of all shapes
  •  - Introduction to The Number One
  •  - The All Seeing Eye
  •  - Calculating pi; story of Archimedes
  •  - Trinity, where do you find it?
  •  - The ripple of expansion
  •  - Dividing the Circle
  •  - One Eternal Round
  •  - Maximum Efficiency
  •  - Limited and Unlimited
  •  - Finding the Area of a Circle
  •  - Expanding and Developing your talents
  •  - Creating is Organizing (draw a creation with circles)
  •  - The Power of Sequencing
  •  - The Circles of the Earth
  •  - Eratosthenes measures the Earth
  •  - Water Circles, the only time 1+1 is NOT 2
  •  - Truth is the sum of existence, unchanged
  •  - Circles in Nature
  •  - Walk around the circle to create time
  •  - The Hebrew Circle
  •  - The Egyptian Circle
  •  - Circles in different languages
  •  - Christ Centered Characteristics

What you'll learn:

  • The instruments of Math and their symbolism
  • Why the point and line have no definitions
  • How to draw a perfect circle
  • The history of circles
  • How to calculation with One
  • How to calculate the area of a circle (physically and spiritually and with a calculator)
  • How to calculate pi
  • How to measure the earth
  • How to find circles in literature and language
  • Some of the symbols on the Egyptian facsimile in the Pearl of Great Price
  • Riddles of Circles

Plus you will …

  • Discover twelve of God Characteristics
  • Learn that you help others when you develop talents
  • Gain a stronger connection with God the Father
  • Understand the creation of the earth better
  • Have more confidence in math

What you'll create:

  • Your first Geometry notebook complete with vocabulary
  • A perfect circle
  • A pinwheel
  • A symbolic seed
  • A sequence
  • A sun clock
  • Several drawings with only circles


My Goal as the Facilitator 

  • To show how amazing math can be
  • To prove that you can learn math as a family (multiple ages)
  • Effectively teach small groups
  • Have a group that will continue to move through all the shapes with me