What is the difference between Greek and Hebrew philosophy and why does it matter to you? This years theme is Jewish & Christian History. As we study the scriptures, classics, poetry and culture of the Jewish people we will discover the influence of Greek philosophy in their writing and thinking. We will study the biographies of Abraham and Erasmus. This class will over lap with the History class.


  • Prerequisite – Watch The Ten Commandments Theology of Literature, how God created and views the subject
  • Biography – Abraham, Erasmus
  • Scripture – Genesis, Abraham, Psalms 23
  • Poetry – Hebrew Poetry
  • Nations – The Chosen
  • Drama – Merchant of Venice and Jewish Holy Days
  • Classic – Ben Hurr
  • Language within Literature: creating notebook portfolios


  • Four Standard Works
  • The Chosen
  • Merchant of Venice
  • Ben Hurr





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