December 28


5 Things the UP Level Your Happiness in 10 Minutes

By Tresta Neil

Called to Learn, Character Development

5 things that UP Level Your Happiness in 10 minutes

  1. Appreciate what is going right in your life right NOW

Tell someone, share what’s been going right or what you’ve learning

  1. Make an entry in your Micro-journal

Write down 1 -3 fortunate things that happened to you or 1 – 3 ways you were recipient of deliberate kindness or 1 – 3 times you gave deliberate kindness

  1. Identify your Limiting Beliefs

What thoughts are keeping you from reaching your goals? Rewrite them, write the truth. 

Here is a statement I use,”I use to believe … now I know…and because I know …(I have increase or it will help my children ) Repetition matters

Change “I can’t” to  “I’m getting better and better”

Act on Faith by saying I’m adventurous, I can learn, I am eternally curious! I have Unlimited potential. 

  1. Be Creative (deliberate)

Visualize, take time to reflect. In creating a video we must “see” the whole picture before it is shot, we write out a storyboard and scripts. Life can be just like this. Make your life a work of art – designed, crafted and created

Another way to be creative is to create and use a joy list / Opportunities

  1. Make a contribution (how will you help others)

Just as a boat is not created for the harbor, we are not created to stay stagnate, Sail on! Take calculated risks and reap tremendous rewards

What will you do today to make a difference/ leave a legacy?

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