February 1


Ep 37 | MYTH: The Founding Fathers were Christian

By Brother Thom

Gospel Theory Podcast

Were the founding fathers Christian?
During the founding of our nation religion was very confusing. It was a time of confusion and each church had their own belief and interpretation of the scriptures. The definition of who Jesus Christ was cause many to question what to believe and think.Most believed there was a God (deist) and in the scriptures, but they questioned the belief in Jesus Christ because of the conflict and confusion it brought. 


  • Deist – the belief in God
  • Christian – the belief in and worship of Jesus Christ
  • Religious – the belief in and worship of a supreme power, especially a personal God
  • God – (in the creeds) A male, single, spirit (isn’t this the definition of Satan?)
  • God – (restored definition) married Father with a resurrected body (spirit and body)


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