February 8


Ep 38 | DEFINITIONS: Land of Promise vs. Promised Land

By Brother Thom

Gospel Theory Podcast

Lehi, Mulek, and Jared’s family were each promised a land for their inheritance. Sometimes in the scriptures this land is referred to as the “promised land” and other times it is referred to as “land of promise.” What is the difference?
A land that is promised to a group is a promised land. But the ‘land of promise” implies that the land – the dirt and rocks themselves have the promise or that they have God’s covenant blessing placed upon them. So what is a promise or a covenant? 
There are two types of covenants:
  1. Personal or Individual
    • Baptism (Sacrament)
    • Gift of Holy Ghost 
    • Priesthood 
    • Washing & Anointing 
    • Endowment 
    • Sealing 
  2. National Covenants
    • Given to the land and to anyone who lives upon the land
    • Comes with a promise and a consequence 
In America, the United States of America, this covenant was made with George Washington at the time of his inauguration and again with Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. 
  • Land of Promise – Covenant on the land, those living there are blessed if they keep covenant. (Ether 2:8). A “Land of Covenant.”
  • Promised Land – A land promised to a particular people. Land of great possibilities. See Land of promise.

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