February 22


Ep 40 |Create an Effective Home with Sustainable Systems, Become the Leader!

By Brother Thom

Gospel Theory Podcast

An interview with Brandi Lewis
Brandi is a mother of ten and an air force vet. She runs a tight and orderly home.  Her training in the military, corporate America, and “Character Counts” led her to success in her home. She discovered that home, family, and house work are just like running a business. She put her skills to work in the home and discovered she had a lot more time when she implemented her system. 

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why it is important to become a leader, not just the position of leader in your home
  • The difference between a leader and a manager
    • Leader runs the whole home, see the big picture, manages the energy; notices
    • a manager manages the details of one department
  • Obligation vs. opportunity
  • Balancing all areas of life vs. giving equal time to all areas of life
  • Desire vs. Goal
    • Goal is job you are doing to accomplish a desired result
    • Sometimes our desire to be lazy and not do the goal is bigger than the goal,
  • What are the assets in the home? Relationships, Time, Resources – protect them
  • The product of the home is people – responsible citizens

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