April 5


Experience Conversion

By Tresta Neil

Called to Learn, Spiritual Growth

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We recently attended a class with Ed and Brooke Rowe, recently returned mission presidents. They asked us a question that we’ve been pondering for weeks now.

President Rowe would ask the new missionaries, “Tell me about your latest spiritual experience with your parents.” Often they would stumble or would tell him a story that happened years before. This concerned him and it concerned me.

I immediately thought about my family, I was prepared to answer, my children and I often had spiritual experiences together while learning in homeschool.

Sister Rowe then asked, “When is the last time your family had a spiritual experience together?

“Oh, my family?” I panicked. The whole family? That was harder for me to answer.

Needless to say, Thom and I have, now, made a new resolution to consciously create more opportunities and an environment for all of us to have more spiritual experiences.

The Rowe’s also taught us a pattern to experience conversion or to have more spiritual experiences. They call their tip: T.T.I.P.

T – Teach

T – Testify

I – Invite

P – Promise

TEACH – share something with your children. Such as, scriptures, inspired questions, statements of truth, examples, experiences, (listen and discern)

TESTIFY – “I know these teachings (story, principes,etc.) are true because….”

INVITE – “Will you…” Do not say, “I challenge you…” This a call to action, an invitation to act and feel. Remember to allow them to use their agency, this is not a command.

PROMISE – “I promise you…” (the Lord with bless you, extend the same promise God has given) or say, “The Lord promises you…” Parents have the right (stewardship) to promise. Parent extend the “then” of a statement of principle  or “if-then” statement.

Another way to use this pattern is with their chores.

“Having clean clothes brings the spirit and confidence. I know I feel better when my clothes are clean. Will you do your laundry and clean your clothes? I promise you too will feel more confident and have the spirit more with you.”

During this week’s Table Talk Discussion we share this pattern and listen the testimonies of Ali Eisenach and Blaine and Audrey Rindlisbacher.

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