When was the last time you were motivated to change because of a spiritual experience?

We call this a faith transformation. Where are you in your faith transformation process,
and what's your next step? Find out by taking the quiz.

The Quiz is For:

Self - Educators

Education should be infused with Christ and his Gospel. If you agree, you've come to the right place. 

Christian Families

Christ-centered families looking for ways to increase their testimonies, strengthen their relationships, and become more dedicated to God.   

Parents Seeking Guidance 

God provides the example and manual for raising children, but often he answers our questions through others. Knowing where we are helping in taking our next step. 

Educators of Children

Educating the next generation is a big responsibility. Knowing the best resources and people to turn to helps ease your responsibility.






Happy learners

The Faith Transformational Process


Seek His Truth
  • We turn towards God with a desire to find truth and become better than we are now.
  • We accept the invitation to follow Christ, are willing to do what He asks, and desire to be like Him. 


Keep His Temple
  • While on His path, we want to preserve it, take care of it, and learn as much as we can along the way.
  • We find and discover new connections to heaven.
  •  We discover how the Spirit of the Lord speaks to and teaches us.
  • We dedicate our lives to helping Him fulfill His mission.


Teach His Peace
  • The beauty and the experiences along the journey excite us with the desire to invite others.
  • We desire to have others experience His peace even during life's storms.
  • We invite others to feel included, share in all the fruits of the spirit, and find joy.

Discover where You are in the Faith Transformation Process

You may be confused on what your Heavenly Father wants you to do. Listening to the spirit isn't always easy.  Let us help you get started. Take the quiz and discover where you are in your faith journey and explore options for your next steps.  

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