Geometry and the

Characteristics of Life and Growth

Mondays 8AM (MT)
September 14 - April 26
(excluding holidays)


Get this full year course for $180 or 6 payments of $30.


Learn the Characteristics of Growth and Life through Geometry

What a concept! 

Who would purposefully choose to learn

principles of growth with math? 

YOU would!

Because this is not like any other math class out there.


About this class:

This class is filled with activities and stories and learning all done in class - no homework.

  • This is a 28 week class for the whole family. It will take place online once a week for 45 minutes to an hour.
  • The cost is $180 per family for all 28 classes.
  • We will meet every Monday at 8:00, starting September 14th.


I'm looking for families that can attend at least 60% of the time (including at least one parent), participate in activities and give feed back of the overall course.

The purpose of this class

    Gain a stronger relationship with, and understanding of God the Father
  • Turn on the enthusiasm for math
    Show personal application for math
  • Discover new principles
    Find solutions for modern concerns
    Create your own problems and find solutions
    See and feel how God used Math everywhere!
  • AND learn all about the geometry of the pentagon, pentagram and spiral.

Supplies you'll need:

  • plain paper to practice on
  • a notebook for notes and vocabulary (composition book) OR plain paper to add to a 3 ring binder
  • Math compass
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Printer to print off the activity each week
  • Other household items - a supply list will be provided


Outline Titles:
 (these may change slightly)

 The Language of Numbers
Review of the numbers 1 - 4
The Characteristics of the Number Five
Five in the Scriptures
Examples of Fifths
The Characteristics of the Pentagon
Calculating the Pentagon
"Give me growth or give me death"
Growth is the gift given to all living things
The Characteristics of the Pentagram
Drawing a Pentagram
Growth is the perpetuating of our own image endlessly
The Characteristics of a spiral
Types of Spirals
Fibonacci Sequence
The Golden Spiral
Life would not exist without opposites
Life would not exist without cycles
The first principle of life is growth
The Characteristics of the Dodecahedron
Encompasses and infuses all other Platonic solids into one
Geometry - Becoming One with God

What you'll learn:

  • The instruments of Math and their symbolism
  • Why the pentagon and spiral are found often in nature
  • How to draw a pentagon without measuring
  • The history of shapes
  • How to calculate with FIVE
  • How to calculate the area of a pentagon (physically, spiritually, and with a calculator)
  • What it means to rate things 5 star
  • How to find five and pentagons in literature and language
  • Some of the symbols on the Egyptian facsimile in the Pearl of Great Price
  • Riddles containing five and pentagons

Plus you will …

  • Discover the Principles of the Number Five and Pentagon
  • Learn that you Help Others in Creating
  • Gain a Stronger Connection with God's Creations
  • Understand the the Patterns of Earth Better
  • Have more Confidence in Geometry

Get this full year course for $180 or 6 payments of $30.