Language of Persuasion 

Honest Communication 

Mondays 10AM (MT)
September 14 - April 26
(excluding holidays)

Get this full year course for $90 or 3 payments of $30.


Learn How to Honestly Communicate

with the Doctrine of Persuasion

Are you preparing to teach others or serve a mission? 

Are you struggling with persuading others to do what is right?

Have you ever wondered how your body language could help you stay positive and focused?

If you answered yes to any of these questions this is the class for you!!

About this class:

We will begin with some body language exercises, learn about the Doctrine of Persuasion, and finish with developing our communication skills. 

  • This is an fourteen week class for the whole family. It will take place online once a week for 45 minutes to an hour.
  • The cost is $90 per family for all 14 classes.
  • We will meet every Monday at 10:00, starting September 14, 2020.

Your Commitment:

We are looking for families that can attend at least 60% of the time (including at least one parent), participate in activities, and give feed back of the overall course. Your experience will be more effective when we all participate. 


The purpose of this class:

Communication is EVERYTHING. The scriptures tell us that the Word of God is more powerful than the sword. When we focus on being more like Christ in our communication with others we have heaven's help in influencing others to be better, following the doctrine of persuasion, and leading them to Christ. 

This course is designed to help you develop the skill of communicating, influencing, and persuasion.

By improving our non-verbal skills we communicate to our sub-conscience mind to change - to become more Christlike, influential, a better good finder, to improve our persuasion.

Supplies you'll need:

  • pen or pencil
  • a notebook for note taking
  • your body
  • a learning attitude 

Course Units


Image Communication

Your self Image Affects all Aspects
Words Change Lives
Vision Glasses
Emotional Bank Account
Casting out negative voices
Truth Statements
Paper People
Thoughts, Events, Actions and Response


Non Verbal Communication

Left and Right Brain indicators
Vertical and Horizontal Zones
Reading indicators to ask questions
Body movements and posture
Head indicators
Torso indicators
Leg indicators
Facial expressions
Eye contact


Persuasive Communication

Communication to Persuasion (leading others to Christ)
What God teaches about communication
Seek to understand before you seek to be understood
Empathetic Listening
Structure for communication
Tone of Voice:
The intensity of voice
Timing and pace of your words
Sounds that convey understanding
How to present the scriptures
How to talk to investigators
How to persuade others (especially your children)

With the development of this skill and with the Holy Ghost you will:

  • Be more efficient at reaching your goals 
  • Grow in wisdom and confidence
  • Influence others for the better
  • Strengthen your ability to persuade others to believe and follow Jesus Christ.
  • Decrease your tendency to manipulate and force others

Get this full year course for $90 or 3 payments of $30.