Why the Name Change

​Why The Name Change

The LDS Homeschool
Conference is now
​Called to Learn

Why the Name Change?

Why the Name Change?

Why did you change the name from LDS Homeschool Conference to Called to Learn?

The conference name is being changed to Called to Learn conference because the LDS church has asked a few of our friend to change their name or to take out the “LDS” in their titles and a friend that works for the church educational system has told us that they strongly discourage using “LDS” in the title. Therefore, before we “get the call”, we wanted to change it to avoid logo and naming issues in the future.


The LDSHomeschoolConference.com domain will remain active and will direct people to this new web page.


We chose Called to Learn because it describes what we are about – we feel learning is a calling not just an option. Learning helps us better ourselves, our family and all our other brothers and sisters too. ?

This change has been good for two reasons, now we can open up to more LDS families, not just homeschoolers and two, we can bring in a variety of presenters.

Our focus is three-fold:

  1. Building Individual confidence
  2. Strengthening Relationships
  3. Improving Education