Life Science

Biology & Humanology

Mondays 10AM (MT)
January 11 - April 26
(excluding holidays)


Get this full semester course for $90 or 3 payments of $30.


Discover Living Science (including fossils, first world, social studies) through the latest evidence outlined in the Universal Model.

Learn where fossils came from and how they were formed.

Dismantle the evolution theory.

Discover the true origin and migration of the human population.

About this class:

The Universal Model (UM) is a New Millennial Science who, with physical evidence, shows us how the world was created. In this class we will do experiments that demonstrate how fossils are actually formed. We will refute the evolutionary theory allowing room for more natural laws to be discovered. We will look at the true origin and migration of the human population. We will end with what it means to be human.

The purpose of this class

    Gain a stronger relationship with, and understanding of God's creations
  • Turn on the enthusiasm for science
    Show personal application for science and history
  • Discover new principles and laws of science
    Find solutions for modern concerns
    How to discover and understand true evidence
  • AND learn all about the functions of the human body

Supplies you'll need:

  • Pen or pencil
  • Plain paper to draw diagrams
  • Notebook for notes and vocabulary (composition book) OR plain paper to add to a 3 ring binder


Outline Titles:
 (we will spend a few week on each model)

1. Introduction to Living System
2. Dating Evidence
3. The Fossil Model
4. The Evolution Pseudotheory
5. The Origin of Humanity
6. The Clovis Model
7. The Human Model

What you'll learn:

  • The Laws of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Intelligence
  • The true age of the earth
  • Why there is no magma
  • Real dating methods
  • The origin of fossils
  • The Law of Species
  • The Law of Reproduction
  • The Law of Reversion
  • How History and Language help Science
  • Where the first, most complex human culture is located
  • The Human Model

Get this full year course for $90 or 3 payments of $30.