June 5


Symbolism of Olive Oil

By Tresta Neil

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Olive oil is the life essence of the olive. It represents the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God and is a symbol of peace. When used with authority olive oil brings the power of Holy Ghost into our lives, it is the great sacred symbol of all mortality.

There are three main uses for olive oil

  1. LIGHT. The source of light and warmth came from a wick with olive oil, it lit their homes. “Pour out light upon them” is a symbol of olive oil being poured out
  2. FOOD. Olive oil was the basic element of food. Used as cooking oil and as a condiment for salads and breads. Bread was ground flour mixed with olive oil. A Jewish oral belief says that olive oil is light to the mind and enhances the intellect. “I will nourish thee and feed thee.” The Israelites would ground their flour very fine to make the very best for the Lord’s temple.
  3. MEDICINAL. Olive oil is a heavenly ointment used to heal wounds and leaves no scaring. It was used as a poultice and an ointment. This represents the great healing power of our Savior

Fire keeps our meat from spoiling just as the Holy Ghost keeps us from spoiling. The Hebrew meaning for the word wickedness is “spoil rotten.”

Olive oil is used in several different places in the Biblical Tabernacle.

  1. The Horn of Oil at the lavar or place of washing and used to anoint the priests.
  2. The Menorah was lit with the material of priests clothes and olive oil.
  3. The prayer alter is lit from the oil of the sacrificial offerings. This represents our prayers being lit with our sacrifices.

Some believe that olive oil is the token of forgiveness. Paul spoke of it as “the oil of gladness” (Hebrews 1:9)

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