Symbolism of the Golden Calf

The cow represented the open, public display of sexual behavior. Following your animal instincts, your ego.

When Moses came down from the mountain and saw the Israelites “worshiping the golden calf” they were acting like the symbol of the bull. A bull does whatever it wants to in public without shame. It shows sexual emotion in public with no shame. The Israelites were acting like cattle.

To worship means to practice being like what you are worshiping until you become like it. If you practice it you’ll become it. When you have your children practice teaching others they become what they teach (have learned). When you select a book for your child think about what they are “practicing” or learning for they are “practicing” what they will become.

Ask yourself the question, “What will they become when they are finished with it (book, movie, show, art work, friends, etc.)?


What are you allowing your children to “worship”? What are you “worshiping”?


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