July 31


Time to Apply

By Tresta Neil

Application, Called to Learn, Key Pattern of Learning, Principles

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Do you “practice” applying with your children? Researcher have found that many public school classrooms spend very little to no time teaching children how to APPLY what they have learned. Nor do they give them time to learn the skill, they quickly move on to the next topic in order to “get it all in.” Homeschoolers are better at allowing children to APPLY their learning.

There are two types of application or ways to transfer your knowledge to an actual skill. Many scholars call this “transfer.”

The first type is “near” transfer which is focused on learning in one area are more easily applied to similar situation. For example learning to drive a car can be applied to learning to drive a truck. Or learning to write an essay can help you write for a newspaper.

The second type is far application (transfer). This is when use our judgement in applying skills and knowledge we have from one context to a substantially different one. For example applying the skill you learned in playing chess to running for a political office or being a CEO. Or watching steam come out of a pot and relate it to a steam engine.

Understanding these two types of application can help you teach your children learn to apply what they learn to real life situations. Plus, it helps them develop their brain to be able to apply the knowledge God gives them to improve their life and their joy.


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